LocalPreneurs Recommends: Founders of Homegrown brands shares their favourite books!

Here is a list of books recommended by the founders of some of the popular homegrown brands in the rapid-fire session with us. Check these out today!

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Looking for your next inspiring read? Ever wondered about the books fueling entrepreneurs' success? Whether you're building your own business path or seeking wisdom from established leaders, their book recommendations could be your guiding light. From the series of our Localpreneur interviews, we've compiled a curated list of must-reads suggested by the entrepreneurs of homegrown brands. Ready to discover your next page-turner? Let us know which one you're diving into first!

Anshita Mehrotra - The Power of Your Subconscious Mind


In our conversation with Anshita Mehrotra, the founder of Fix My Curls, a brand dedicated to helping people embrace their curls, she mentioned that she always finds solace in reading "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" by Joseph Murphy. This book delves into the inherent power of the subconscious mind and serves as a guide on how to understand its depths.

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Mugdha Pradhan - The Life Divine 


The Life Divine, a book series by Sri Aurobindo, is a spiritual narrative that explores the transformation of humanity from a mental to a supramental state, along with the arrival of a divine life on Earth. Mugdha Pradhan, the founder of iThrive, a platform dedicated to assisting people with functional nutrition, describes it as "one of the best books I have ever come across in my 45 years of life," praising the work of one of India's great philosophers, Sri Aurobindo.

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Rishabh Jain - The Good Indian Employee's Guide To Surviving A Lala Company 


Rishabh Jain, who is the founder of Mr. Makhana, a healthy snacking brand counts Lala Company, as his favourite book. Written by Rajiv Gupta, it talks about Lalaji, the business owner, for whom every day is an event, and every commitment may not really be a commitment and much more. The tone maintains to keep the book hilarious. However, the book shows one of the best depictions of how things work in Indian family businesses. 

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Neha Suyal - Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions


When asked about her favorite book, Neha Suyal, the co-founder of Woovly, a social commerce platform for non-metro cities, mentioned "Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions" by Dan Ariely. This book delves into human behavior, seeking to understand why we make certain decisions and behave in specific ways. It explores human reactions across various situations, aiming to decipher their underlying reasons.

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Aman Jain - Zero to One


Aman Jain, the founder of Doodhvale, a dairy essentials company, named "Zero to One" as his favorite book. This book delves into the concept of innovation and what it entails. It emphasizes that merely replicating others' efforts isn't true learning; instead, true innovation involves creating something new, going from 0 to 1, as highlighted by the author's insights.

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Dipti Tolani - Shoe Dog and The Unusual Billionaires


The founder of SALT Attire, a brand specializing in workwear, Dipti Tolani, mentioned two books in her interview with Local Samosa. She named "Shoe Dog" as her favorite, authored by Phil Knight, the co-founder of Nike. This memoir delves into the history of Nike, its early challenges, and other anecdotes related to the brand. Tolani also mentioned "The Unusual Billionaires" as another favorite. Penned by Saurabh Mukherjea, the book narrates the stories of eight exceptional companies, including Hindustan Unilever, Asian Paints, HDFC Bank, Marico, Axis Bank, and Berger Paints.

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Chitresh Sinha - 1Q84 


The founder of The Plated Project, Chitresh Sinha, whose brand offers décor products, shares his favorite, "1Q84," when asked about it. This French-language novel is set in the 20th century and showcases elements of realism through the protagonist's journey. It is tailored for fans of classic and Japanese literature and is also considered one of the masterpieces by the author, Haruki Murakami.

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