This 'Wall of Kindness' in Tamil Nadu is feeding the poor in the Pandemic!

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This 'Wall of Kindness' in Tamil Nadu is feeding the poor in the Pandemic!

Feeding hungry stomachs, this 'Wall of Kindness' or 'Anbu Suvar' in Tamil, is located in Kumbakonam which is a small town in Thanjavur district.

With the shops shut down during the lockdown, the poor and the daily wagers have been facing difficulties in finding the basic necessities. The pandemic has been harsh on the poor, but some people are trying their best to help them out. There are people giving free meals & rations, while some are providing oxygen and other COVID-19 essentials. Similarly, a group of Samaritans in Tamil Nadu has come up with a 'Wall of Kindness' that is giving free food to the needy.

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The wall has many wooden shelves and has around 100 packets of rice varieties. There is sambar rice, lemon rice, tomato rice & curd rice. Along with these packets, it also offers other essentials like biscuits and water bottles. The wall of kindness will be open until the end of the lockdown. This Anbu Suvar is situated at Sarankabani Koil Sannidhi street in Kumbakonam.

This initiative is indeed going to be helpful for those who are struggling during the pandemic. The country is currently struggling with the second wave of COVID-19, but initiatives like these are giving us hopes. From Shahnawaz Shaikh who is giving free oxygen cylinders in Mumbai to a Jodhpur family who is providing meals at just Rs.35, to these engineers who are sanitizing slums in Noida, to many more. The pandemic has been terrible, but these COVID warriors have been a beacon of hope and light! If you also know someone who is a COVID warrior, then let us know in the comment section below. 

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