As of now, Atul Arjun and Satyanshu Singh have sanitized 3 slums in Noida and further aim at covering the slums in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Ghaziabad!

Seeing the need for sanitization during the COVID-19 crisis, engineers Atul Arjun and Satyanshu Singh did not wait for someone else. They decided to do it on their own and ended up wearing PPE Kits and spraying 250 huts in the slums of Noida. “Nobody was paying attention to the people in slums. They were facing a lot of trouble due to the spread of Coronavirus. Seeing this, I and Satyanshu decided to help them by sanitizing their homes. We are also providing them with the first aid, medicines, and food, and we feel great.”, said Atul Arjun.

sanitizing slums

The duo has sanitized 3 slums within a week in sectors 64, 70, and 66. They use a diluted solution of Sodium Hypochlorite for the same and it takes them at least 2 hours to spray 50 huts. They can be seen wearing the PPE kits while sanitizing slums, and walking tirelessly!

” Our target is to cover Noida first, and then we will sanitize slums in Delhi and Gurgaon too. We have covered 250 huts until now, but the target is to clean 1000.”, said Atul. Talking about people’s reactions in the slums he said, ” They were very supportive and open. A lot of the residents told us that the authorities do not really visit their areas. 3 months back the authorities did come and spray mosquito repellant gas, but nobody sanitized their homes. So, they were really happy, and many of them even allowed us to sanitize their huts from inside.”, he added.

sanitizing slums

When the second wave had hit the country, Atul and his friends started finding genuine contact leads for oxygen, beds, and other COVID-19 essentials. He ended up making 3 different WhatsApp groups, that have around 700 people verifying contact with him. ” We even purchased oxygen cylinders and gave them to the needy people. I am very happy to say that we have helped around 500 people as of now, and we are still on it.”

Atul Arjun is an engineer and is also the founder of an NGO named “Pranav Foundation’. He started this NGO 4 years ago and has a team of 200 engineers who are providing education to 60 kids. Atul has also donated blood 20 times in 10 different states and has traveled more than 12,000 Km for the same. He wishes to donate blood in all 28 states and union territories in India in the future. ” Donating blood and helping people is my goal. My target is to donate blood in all the states and Union territories. I have collaborated with various blood banks in different states. So, if anybody needs blood, I arrange blood for them through these banks.”, he said. 

Atul Arjun is currently looking for volunteers for sanitizing slums in Noida. One can get in touch with him on 91 88608 40179. Also, watch him sanitize the slums like a pro on his Instagram here

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