K Kanimozhi, a woman from Tamil Nadu, has been feeding 25 people daily for more than 15 days, along with the help of her friends.

Setting a heartwarming example by feeding people despite low earnings, K Kanimozhi, a woman from Tamil Nadu, feeds people daily and is an epitome of kindness.


K Kanimozhi belongs from Alagappa Nagar of Ariyalur and works in a ration shop located in Ariyur College Road as a helper. During the lockdown, while returning home one day, she found out the elderly people on the streets who did not have shelter or food.

This became a major motivation for K Kanimozhi to start an initiative, ‘Maruvom Matruvom’. Along with the help of a few friends, she has now been distributing food to almost 25 people daily.

The woman from Tamil Nadu who feeds people has gone through food scarcity

Kanimozhi has seen hardships in her life right from her childhood where she did not have proper access to food. She and her friends are managing the expenses for the initiative on their own. However, they have now created a WhatsApp group aiming to raise funds and keep serving people.

Truly said, “It needs heart, not money to help others!”

Source: The Logical Indian

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