Add these Unique Things to do in India to your Bucketlist!

Want to drive an automatic car without owning a Tesla? or want to groom a wedding elephant? check out these places.

Hitanshu Bhatt
Sep 27, 2023 14:49 IST
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unique things to do in india

Wondering where to wander? Or casually planning a trip with your friends and family? We have got you some unique things to do in India for that query. 

With the onset of rising outdoor travel and the importance of national tourism, there are many things that can be added to one's list. Check out the best things to do at some of the most happening places as we list down some of the unique things to do in India.

1. Witness the Hanging Pillar at Lepakshi Temple in Andhra Pradesh

hanging pillar of lepakshi temple

Andhra Pradesh has a temple that has a 20ft. pillar hanging in the air. The Lepakshi temple - the temple of lord Veerbhadhra - the fiery god created by Shiva has 70 pillars holding the shrine but one pillar hangs from the ceiling. It is believed that a British engineer tried to move the pillar to uncover the secret of the temple but was unsuccessful and the pillar remains dislodged to date. 

Where: Lepakshi Temple, Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh.

2. Leave your Heart at the Chembra Lake in Kerala 

heart shaped lake in kerala

As we say nature has a way of giving us back all the love and the Chembra Lake in Kerala is the literal example of that. Chembra or pond 'Hridayasarassu' is a natural heart-shaped lake in Wayanad, Northern Kerala. Experience the beautiful journey of the uphill trek and then leave your heart at the pond. 

Where: Chembra Lake, Kottappadi part, Kerala.

3. Relive at the Long Iceland of Majuli in Assam 

worlds largest island in assam

Row a boat, enjoy the process of making a rice bear made by the Mising (Mishing) tribe, or visit the mask maker's village at the world's largest river island - Majuli in Assam. Contrary to this, there is also the smallest inhabited river island in the world here named 'Umananda'.

Where: Majuli, Assam.

4. Experience the Magnetic force at the Magnetic Hill of Ladakh

physics behind magnetic hill in ladakh

Want to drive an automatic car without owning a Tesla? Well, this place will drive your car automatically when parked at a particular spot. There is a magnetic hill in Ladakh that is believed to defy gravity. However, it is said that the optical illusion created by the mountains in the landscape makes the downhill appear as an uphill and the car actually goes downwards but appears to be moving up. 

Where: Magnetic Hill, Srinagar - Ladakh Highway, Ladakh.

5. Trek to the Reverse Waterfall in Maharashtra 

naneghat reverse waterfall trek

After a hill that takes your car backward, it's time for a waterfall that flows upwards. Naneghat Waterfall in Pune, Maharashtra is one of the unique nature phenomena where the water flows in the reverse direction. There is no rocket science behind it but a simple reason that the wind flows fiercly in the opposite direction and changes the course of the waterfall. But this view is worth witnessing once.

Where: Naneghat Reverse Waterfall, Naneghat Rd, Taluka Junnar, Maharashtra. 

6. A Day at Eleday in Jaipur 

eleday jaipur

If you love spending time with animals, especially Elephants, Eleday in Jaipur is the place to be. Here you can find elephants in large numbers. But that's not it, you get a chance to groom the wedding-attending elephants. From bathing them to painting them with multi-hued organic paints and even decorating them with motifs, the whole process is just so fascinating. 

Where: Eleday, CISF Rd, Kunda, Amer, Jaipur, Hathi Gaon, Rajasthan.

7. A Road Trip of Twists and Turns at the Zuluk Loops in Sikkim

zuluk loops in sikkim

How many sharp road turns are enough sharp turns? You will have to cross at least 32 hairpin turns before you reach the top of this mountain in Sikkim. A road trip to Zuluk or Dzuluk is a must for travel enthusiasts as it gives an adrenaline rush with the loops it has. You can witness the breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountain range including the Kanchenjunga here. 

Where: Zuluk Loops, Padamchen, Zuluk, Sikkim.

So when are you planning your visit to these places in India.

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