Meet our panelists and artists, all set to enlighten us at Pride LIVE Fest Season 4

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Meet our panelists and artists, all set to enlighten us at Pride LIVE Fest Season 4

Pride Live Fest season 4 by Social Ketchup and Local Samosa will see communities and experts come together to share their insights on celebrating Pride Beyond June while artists give a dazzling performance to add some glitter to the event.

The pride and joy of seeing our friends from the queer community striving should not be something that is openly talked about and discussed only during the month of June. Their lives need to be equally highlighted throughout the rest of the year. And as a publication, we hope to extend our support beyond the month of June with Pride Live Fest season 4!

Social Ketchup and Local Samosa, the two online publications from the house of Social Samosa Network, for the last three years, every June, we have been hosting Pride Live Fest online with several eminent Queer representatives across the globe. This year, we are consciously taking a step in extending the celebrations and conversations beyond the confines of June. Thereby, along with our Community partners – Sweekar, Dragvanti, Official Humans of Queer, Qknit foundation, Mist foundation, Swabhava, Dreams Entertainment, Lakshya Trust and Keshav Suri foundation, we are hosting our first offline PLF event in the form of a Pride Party on August 2, 2023.

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Meet our panelists

Shyam Konnur, Founder of Mist Foundation, Nilakshi Roy, Sweekar Parent, Vishal Dudeja, Marketing Manager at The LaLiT Mumbai and Sulagna Chatterjee, Writer-Director will be joining us as panelists to kickstart a discussion on Pride beyond June. The purpose of this panel is to bring together diverse perspectives, share insights, and foster a deeper understanding of the subject.

Nilakshi Roy

Dr. Nilakshi Roy is an active member and one of the spokespersons and founding members of Sweekar Rainbow Parents Group. She believes that the parents of the LGBTQIA+ community must walk together with them, and at times ten steps ahead of them, to make the world a better place to live in.

Shyam Konnur (He/Him)

Shyam is an educator, activist and the LGBTQIA+ affairs state coordinator for AIPC Maharashtra. He has been working actively in drawing attention on India’s LGBTQIA+ community while highlighting the development and needs of the community that requires attention. He is also the founder of Mist LGBT, Queer Bazaar and Out & Loud PIQFF.

Vishal Dudeja (He/Him)

Vishal works closely with Keshav Suri Foundation and is the Marketing Manager at The LaLiT Mumbai. He has been working to bring more diversity, equity and inclusivity in the business world and constantly getting people involved to talk about the same.

Sulagna Chatterjee

Sulagna Chatterjee is a Mumbai-based writer who started her career as an associate writer in 2018. She is known for her shows Firsts, Code M, and Feels Like Ishq and has been working towards opening conversations around Pride and the queer community.

Meet our artists

Ruhdabeh (they/them)

Ruhdabeh has been writing songs since the age of 12 and released their debut EP ‘Dissonance and Peace’ last year. The entire EP was recorded and produced by them at their own home studio. Mumbai-based singer-songwriters will be tranquilizing the audience with their live performance at PLF 4.0.

Gentleman Gaga

Sanket Sawant aka Gentle Man Gaga who was part of PLF in the previous year will be returning as the emcee and gracing us with a power-packed performance as well.

Patruni Sastry

Patruni Sastry is a drag artist who is known for using dance as a way of embracing oneself while entertaining people. They have been part of various panels discussing gender, inclusivity and being mindful to people from the community. They’re never afraid to speak their mind and grab people’s attention on topics that matter.

Join us in the celebration and get to witness our wonderful panels and artists discussing Pride beyond June.

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