Check out these clubs for monsoon trekking in Maharashtra!

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monsoon trekking in maharashtra

With the rainy days soon approaching, Maharashtra is ready to turn into a green landscape. Look out for these clubs for monsoon trekking in Maharashtra.

From Rajmachi to Kalsubai, the Peaks of Maharashtra turn into a tropical paradise during monsoons, and people cannot wait but visit these picturesque locations. With the monsoon approaching, hiking enthusiasts are packing their bags to witness the beauty of the state and pump in some adrenaline. If you are also looking to join a community of like-minded individuals and embark on thrilling hikes, check out these clubs or communities for monsoon trekking in Maharashtra.

1. Treks and Trails India

Treks and Trails India is one of the most sought-after trekking clubs for hikes in Maharashtra. It is a community of four professionals in mountaineering and trek-leading. They offer various treks, hikes, camps, corporate treks, and workations. Whether you want to explore the Aadrai Jungles or the Kothaligad, they have covered it all.

Treks: Aadrai Jungle, Kalsubai, Harishchandragarh, Devkund, Sondai, Prabalmachi, Ratnagarh Fort, Ragmachi, Vasota, KalavantI Durg, Harihar, and Torna Range, Rajgad Fort, Garbett Point, and Raireshwar Kenjalgad treks.

Price: Starting from Rs. 599 (may vary with time)

Contact: 88280 04949.

2. Trekkers of Maharashtra

Embark on a thrilling journey with the Trekkers of Maharashtra as they have to offer beautiful destinations in the state. Enjoy the seasonal waterfalls while ascending toward the fort or witness the captivating sunrise or a hike to the cliffs of Konkan with TOM. They offer services like trekking, hiking, and camping at Sahyadri, Lonavala, Konkan, Nashik, Pimpri, Aamrai, and many destinations.

Treks: Visapur Fort, Vasota Jungle, Tikona Fort, Sondai Fort, Sandhan Valley, Ratangad Fort, Rajmachi, Rajgad Fort, Peb Fort, Old Malshej Ghat, Nanemachi Waterfall, Kothaligad, Kataldhar Waterfall, Karnala, Kalsubai, and Kalavanmtin Durg Fort treks.

Price: Starting from Rs. 1399 (may vary with time).

Contact: 99997 79136.

3. Sahyadri Rangers

Sahyadri Rangers is a national adventure organization with expertise in adventure activities across Sahyadri and Western Ghats. They offer hiking, trekking, climbing, fort camping, and many other services and organize one-day as well as overnight trips. It was started by Suraj Prab, who is a certified mountaineer, out of his love for the Sayahdri ranges after 450-plus treks in the region.

Treks: Kalsubai, Sondai, Karoli Valley, Harishchandragarh, Harihar Fort, Aadrai, Ahupe Ghat, Malshej Ghat & Kalu Waterfall, Nanemachi, Hidden Waterfalls treks, and Kataldhar Waterfall for rappelling.

Price: Starting from Rs. 899 (may vary with time).

Contact: 76666 06704

4. Mumbai Trekkers

Mumbai Trekkers is a trekking, camping, and waterfall rappelling community since 2015. It was started by two friends, Ameet Shet and Kartik Mehta, after exploring a few treks in Maharashtra. MT offers treks and hikes in Maharashtra with some of the offbeat locations. Beginners, as well as pros, can explore their treks.

Treks: Nakhind and Tringalwadi treks are the upcoming ones.

Price: Starting from Rs. 650 (may vary with time).

Contact: 74001 74767.

5. Bhatakna

Bhatakna is a group of youngsters that started a community for travellers. Now the company offers various one-day and overnight treks in and around Maharashtra. They mostly organize monsoon treks for Sahyadri and Western Ghats. Along with treks, they also have options for overnight camps, waterfall visits, and water sports.

Treks: Visapur, Sondar Fort, Garbett Plateau, Irshalgad, Kothaloigad, Vikatgad Peb Fort, Korigad Fort, Kataldhar Waterfall, One Tree Hill Point trek and Igatpuri waterfall trek and watersports.

Price: Starting from Rs. 699 (may vary with time).

Contact: Mumbai - 88502 58278, Pune - 84336 63398.

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6. Trek Panda

If you are looking for trekking options in the Sahyadri ranges, then Trek Pand might be of your help. They offer around 20 locations to trek in the beautiful landscapes of Sahyadri. It is a group of travel enthusiasts that organize individual and group tours. They have around 150 departures in the month of July from Pune and Nashik.

Treks: Bhimashankar, Peb Fort, Ahupe Ghat, Andharbhan Jungle, Madheghat, Harihar, Rajgad, Devkund, Kalsubai, Visapur, Dandeli, and many more.

Price: Starting from Rs. 1199 (may vary with time).

Contact: 84479 37907.

7. Trekhievers

Trekhievers is a Mumbai-based organization that offers treks, hikes, and camps. Sayadhri and Pune are the two prime locations. Whether they are the waterfalls of KaluNanemachi, and Kataldhar, or forts of Sondai and Kothaligad, or the treks of Andharban and Devkund, they cover it all. Check them out if you want a combination of single or group trips.

Treks: Devkund, Andharban, Aadrai, Visapur Fort, Rajmachi, Harishchandragad, Kalsubai, Ratangad, Naneghat, Sondai, Kothaligad, Torna, Rajgad treks, and Kalu, Nanemachi, and Kataldhar waterfalls.

Price: Starting from Rs. 699 (may vary with time).

Contact: 73876 42734.

8. Mumbai Pune Adventures

One of the best clubs to explore the treks in Maharashtra is Mumbai Pune Adventures. Trek with them to Sudhagad or camp with them at Prabalmachi and experience the landscapes of Maharashtra. They have treks of easy, moderate, and difficult levels that can be taken up individually or along with a group. The hikes can even be customized with Mumbai Pune Adventures.

Treks: Sudhagad Trek.

Customized Treks: Anjaneri, Irshalgad, Harishchandragad, Kalavantin Durg, Devkund, Mahuli, Garbett Plateau, Andharban, Karkai Peak, Kothaligad, Kalsubai, One Tree Hill, Peb Vikatgad, Ratnagad Fort treks, etc.

Price: Starting from Rs. 550 (may vary with time).

Contact: 99675 64888.

9. SG Trekkers

If you're seeking monsoon adventures in the Sahyadri, SG Trekkers can be an excellent choice. They organize thrilling treks to destinations like Rajmachi, Kalsubai, Andharban, and Gopy Ghatwat during the rainy season. With experienced leaders and different locations, you can explore the beauty of Maharashtra in a day or two.

Treks: Kalsubai, Rajmachi, Andharban Jungle, Bhimashankar, Raigad Fort, Gopya Ghatwat treks.

Price: Starting from Rs. 1500 (may vary with time).

Contact: 99234 50044.

10. Wandering Souls

Wandering Souls is a group of travellers and hikers that organizes various treks. They primarily specialize in monsoon treks to some of the destinations in Maharashtra. Treks like Karnala, Harishchandragad, Sagargad, Kondana caves, and Naneghat are lined up for the rainy weather.

Treks: Karnala, Harishchandragad, Sagargad, Kondana caves, Naneghat, Andharban, Perabalghad, Devkund, Ratanghad, Aadrai, Sondai, and Nanimachi treks.

Price: Starting from Rs. 699 (may vary with time).

Contact: 81690 84819.

So, pack your bags and get ready to witness the beauty of Maharashtra in the monsoon from the top.

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