Bookmark these enjoyable monsoon road trips in India that you can take with your loved ones!

Planning something enthralling for the weekend or holidays? Well, this season calls for these monsoon road trips in India that you must not miss for a fantastic time with your friends and family!

Enjoying the rain droplets as they fall on the shield of your car could be one of the most amazing things you would not like to miss in the monsoon. And, if you are still waiting to cherish such a view, we suggest you take a look at our recommendations for the monsoon road trips in India and plan your holidays accordingly! After all, with the season comes this gem!

1. Manali to Leh


Manali to Leh is one of the road trips that has gained much popularity in recent times. The beauty of it is doubled in monsoon with the dropping rain, cold weather, and beautiful mountains to gaze at while you explore this terrain. Enjoy the panoramic views from the Rohtang Pass while reaching your destination.

Distance: 426.8 km

2. Thekkady to Chitirapuram


Hands down, Kerala is one of the best places to take road trips. With the views of Western Ghats drenched in rain that makes it lively and green, the roads between Thekkady to Chitirapuram allow you to explore the local life of Kerala too. So, get ready to peek into the green villages of Kerala in this short drive.

Distance: 81.2 km

3. Mumbai to Kolad


Once you embrace the rains in Mumbai, it’s time to enjoy the sceneries that emerge on your way to Kolad. Be ready to witness the beauty in the form of mountains, ponds, lakes, waterfalls, and green places. So, what are you waiting for? Pick the next weekend for this trip!

Distance: 123.2 km

4. Karwar to Mangalore


Karnataka is a real beauty in the monsoon, and this trip allows you to see the long and clean bridges, the green landscapes all around, and the giant green hills throughout your drive. Who would like to miss such a drive? Not us!

Distance: 270.8 km

5. Bengaluru to Coorg


After dealing with the traffic of Bengaluru, nature seems to embrace you as soon as you drive your way to Coorg. With the fragrance of the coffee plantation, the water-dipped leaves, and the road surrounded by green canopies, the Bengaluru to Coorg trip makes for one of the best trips during monsoon!

Distance: 248 km

6. Darjeeling to Gangtok


The two captivating destinations become even more adorable during this season. However, the routes to these are beautiful enough to appreciate its green cliffs, narrow roads, green hills, and the lakes that emerge due to rainwater!

Distance: 97.3 km

7. Shillong to Cherrapunjee


Cherrapunjee, which receives rainfall throughout the year, makes the trip from Shillong a praise-worthy drive owing to its wet root bridges, small and clean villages, and green landscapes all around. So, if you are in Meghalaya, this trip is a must if you love driving around nature.

Distance: 97.3 km

8. Mumbai to Pune


Who would like to miss deep cliffs, the route to Lonavala, and the green areas during the monsoon? If you think the same, take a drive from Mumbai to Pune, and even though it is one of the busiest all year round, you will have fun watching the mist and dark clouds ahead your car sheild!

Distance: 147. 8 km

9. Delhi to Kasauli


The easiest and yet the most thrilling road trip for Delhiites can be the trip to Kasauli. Amidst the clean roads and green hills, you reach Himachal Pradesh, and on entering Kasauli, you get to admire the lakes, waterfall, and streams in the monsoon! So, pack your bags and be up with your friends for this trip!

Distance: 287 km

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