Walk into the beauty with these treks near Mumbai during the monsoon!

These treks near Mumbai pave the way for one of the best times during monsoon as you get to explore the green valleys, hills, fresh air, and routes!

One of the most common things we, as Indians, get to hear a lot during monsoons is the popular rains in Mumbai. It’s then when the city folks do not leave a single chance to adore the beauty while the rain pours in. But do you know the nearby areas and places of Mumbai are equally beautiful and appear no less than heaven for adventure-seekers? Yes, and here we are talking about treks near Mumbai that you can take up during the time!

1. Garbett Point Trail


Popular amongst the hikers in and around Mumbai, Garbett point is for you if you love nature. The peaceful valley and scenarios are enough to take your breath away!

Where: Diksal, Sondewadi, Near Karjat
Distance from Mumbai: 73 km

2. Rajmachi Fort Trail


This is another attraction for people and trekkers during the monsoon. After all, it’s not a bad idea to reach the top, get lost watching the green hills amidst drizzles, and live inside the camps! Is it?

Where: Udhewadi, Near Lonavala
Distance from Mumbai: 94 km approx

3. Kune Waterfalls Trail


Located in Khandala – the hotspot of monsoon tourism near Mumbai, the waterfall is a majestic charm you cannot miss. And the trek makes it even more enthralling!

Where: Khandala
Distance from Mumbai: 78 km

4. Korigad Fort Trail


At an elevation of 920 meters, the place becomes breathtaking during the monsoon. With rains around, green grass beneath the feet, and the smell of petrichor, it makes for a perfect trek!

Where: Near Lonavala
Distance from Mumbai: 104 km

5. Sandhan Valley Trail


It is said that this water-carved valley is 200 feet deep and about 1.5 km long. Even the trek to the valley is full of adventures and fun. Visit here with your gang for a blast!

Where: Samrad, near Igatpuri
Distance from Mumbai: 182 km

6. Chinchoti Trail


Moving to the beautiful north of Mumbai takes you on this incredible trek of Chinchoti and the Chinchoti falls. Often, groups of friends and regular trekkers are seen having fun in the natural pool created here!

Where: Chinchoti road, near Kaman village
Distance from Mumbai: 43 km

7. Yeoor Hills


Located the nearest to Mumbai is Yeoor Hills in Sanjay Gandi National Park, where you can have an adventurous time during the monsoon! So, what to wait for? Pack your bag!

Where: Thane
Distance from Mumbai: 25.8 km

8. Tungareshwar Trail


The waterfall at an altitude of 2,177 feet amidst dense forest areas is a gem to be explored and cherished. This is another one of the least distance treks from Mumbai!

Where: Vasai
Distance from Mumbai: 54 km

9. Raigad Fort Trail


How can one miss the beauty of Raigad during monsoon? Well, it’s a hidden treasure and a walk through the beautiful landscape. Visit the fort here as it provides one of the easiest treks at this time!

Where: Raigad
Distance from Mumbai: 165 km

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