Quench Your Thirst with These Refreshing Cold Beverages

Let’s go beyond ice creams and try refreshing cold beverages this summer from these brands to beat the heat!

It’s evident that everyone is preoccupied with thoughts of summer. If you’re tired of hearing about it as well, it’s likely that you’re craving a mood-refreshing drink! However, we are not referring to alcoholic beverages just yet. For now, let’s explore some cold beverages that can provide a refreshing experience for your taste buds and, ultimately, help relax your mind.

1. Flavours of experience with Raw Pressery

Why not explore a range of flavors with Raw Pressery? Not following? Well, this brand offers an impressive selection of cold beverages, such as its Coconut Water. It’s sourced and extracted from carefully selected coconuts without any added sugar. This beverage is not made from powder, making it a suitable choice for fitness enthusiasts. Another option is their Valencia Orange, which serves as an immunity booster and contains dietary fibers, sourced from Valencia oranges.

Wait, the list is long as you can also try their Sugarcane flavour, which is an originally pressed juice with an additional taste of tangy lemon. On the other hand, Mango, known as the king of fruits, is one of the few reasons we can endure the summer heat. Raw Pressery’s Alphonso Mango Juice is a thick and pulpy drink, with a pulp concentration of 51%. It claims, the juice is made of ripe and sinfully sweet mangoes, and it might win your hearts this season!

2. Range of coolers from Keventers

It’s undeniable that tea is beloved throughout the year. However, during the summer, you may not want to feel the warmth that comes with sipping hot tea. In such situations, transitioning to refreshing options like Lemon Iced tea and Peach Iced tea can be a great idea. Keventers offers a tangy Lemon Iced tea and a sweet Peach Iced tea, which can make the summer season feel a bit lighter for you.

But why just the tea when we can have a handful of amazing shakes? Well, we tried a few of them and liked them and think that you must try them too. Some of them are Rasmalai Thick Shake, to give you a quick essence of eating Rasmalai, Peanut Butter Shake for all you peanut butter lovers, and Kesar Badam Thick Shake if you have that thing for the desi Kesar Badam beverages! Not only this, you can also get your hands on Sitafal Thik Shake and Bubblegum Thick Shake! Sounded interesting? Well, they also taste interesting with their essence!

3. ‘Ready to drink’ by Alt Co.

If you’re eager to enjoy some refreshing beverages, be sure to explore the “Ready to drink” section of Alt Co.. You don’t want to miss their Vegan Oat Chocolate Drink, a dairy-free chocolate beverage that offers the richness of oats and cocoa solids. Indulge in the creaminess of this drink! But hold on, there’s another option on the list that you might want to try: the Vegan Chocolate Protein Drink. This plant-based drink boasts a creamier texture and a chocolate flavor, enhanced with the goodness of apple juice and a high protein content. It’s an ideal choice for health-conscious individuals who refuse to give up their love for chocolate!

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4. Sharbats from Gulabs


If thanda for you is a chilled glass of your favourite desi sharbat, then hang on and check what Gulabs has in store for you! This homegrown brand has been offering full-size and mini-size syrup bottles in flavours like saunf, rose, khus, lemon ginger, kesar badam, paan, kokum, pudina, and more which you can mix in water or soda. Our personal favourite from this brand is its Thandai and so do try that as well.

5. Fizz Combo by Shunya


If you are craving for coldest of the cold beverages, you might want to give Shunya a shot. Their Classic Cola and Lime Lemon are enough to give you chills on these hot summer days. Both of the drinks are zero sugar, have green tea, ashwagandha, and lots of Vitamin C. So, check them out and buy them if you like!

6. Thick shakes from Winkin’ Cow


You must have tried Britannia’s biscuits, but did you know this brand also offer some really thick and creamy ready-to-drink shakes? Well, if not, you have to give them a sip as the flavours are on point, and there are options like strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and mango available. They also have lassis, and we highly suggest this one if you love shakes.

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