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On the occasion of World Cocktail Day (13th May), we have curated a list of exotic cocktail recipes by Indian mixologists and bartenders.

Cocktails are a mood-maker for any party. They are born when flavours collide with art and these talented Indian mixologists and bartenders have mastered it. From classic favourites with an Indian twist to innovative concoctions inspired by regional flavours, here are a few cocktail recipes, we found on Instagram that you can try at home and lit up your party.

1. Dhaniya and Mirchi Cocktail by Nitin Tewari

If you are hosting a house party and running low on supplies to make a cocktail, Nitin Tewari, aka Mr.Bartrender's kitchen cocktails, are here to save your day. This kitchen series is inspired by the regular ingredients available in the kitchen and using them to make tasty cocktails. This Dhaniya (coriander) and Mirchi (chili) cocktail is made with the most common ingredients coriander, chili, orange juice, lime juice, and sugar syrup mixed with vodka. Here's the recipe for the same.

2. Cool Summer Banger by Saloni Rawal

Raise your hands if you love spicy cocktails. This one by Saloni Rawal with tequila as the base is here to cool you down in the scorching summer. With tequila as the main ingredient, mixed with sweet chilli sauce, tamarind water, lime juice, and pineapple spice syrup to top it up, Cool Summer Banger is ready to serve with lots of ice in it. Here's the recipe for the same.

3. Maut ka Kua by Dada Bartender 

Sanjay Ghosh or famous as Dada Bartender, comes up with some unique recipes all the time. Here's a Maut ka Kua cocktail recipe by him on cocktailsIndia which is made with five whiskeys that are mixed with lime juice, coke, and Okinawa syrup (brown sugar syrup ). The drink is sure to get you tipsy because of the content in it, so drink as per your capacity. Here's the recipe for the same.

4. Gin Cocktail with Floral Hint by Divya Rawat

This classic floral cocktail is made with gin, rose syrup, lime juice, and camomile tea. It's a flavourful cocktail with a good fragrance and a taste that pleases your buds. This one is made by Bar Explorer Bee, aka Divya Rawat. You will love it if you like your cocktails smooth and flavorful. Here's the recipe for the same.

5. Old Fashioned Cocktail by Dine Drink Repeat

Old Fashioned is of the classic and exquisite cocktails. This recipe by Dine Drink Repeat, aka Nitansh Rastogi, has Rye Whiskey as the base, which has a spicy, almost pepper-like flavor. The support ingredients include simple syrup (one part of water and one part of sugar), a dash of bitters, and orange peel to garnish. Must try for spice lovers. Here's the recipe for the same.

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6. Spicy Strawberry Margarita by Sood the Bartender

Another recipe with tequila as the base infused with various other ingredients that can add flavor to your party. This cocktail is made by a Home Bartender, Varun Sood, known as Sood The Bartender on Instagram. It's a mixture of strawberries, jalapenos, tajin rim (a blend of mild chili peppers, lime, and sea salt), lime juice, and honey. Try it for the love of strawberries. Here's the recipe for the same.

7. Mai Tai by Gaurav Sareen

Gaurav is a bartender and brand ambassador of Monkey Shoulder, a premium blended malt scotch whiskey brand. Mai Tai is a classic cocktail made with Rum. This particularly is a very old cocktail made with rum, orange liquor, lime juice, and almond orgeat syrup blazed with fire to give it a smokey flavor. Here's the recipe for the same.

8. Aperol Spritz by Megxologist

Spirtz is a Venetian wine-based cocktail made with Aperol (Italian liquor) as the main ingredient. This recipe by Megxologist is a classic Aperol Spritz. It is an aromatic drink with a citrusy taste. Mix Cinzano Prosecco and soda water with Aperol, shake it with lots of ice, top it with an orange slice and your cocktail is ready to serve. Here's the recipe for the same.

9. Black & White Cocktail Pitcher by Drinks with Vikram

If you are hosting a party at your place, then there is no better thing than a pitcher. This Black & White Cocktail Pitcher by Drinks with Vikram, aka Vikram Ku is made with orange squash, lime juice, mint, orange wedges, ginger ale, and the star ingredient Black & White scotch whiskey. It is citrusy and strong in flavour and gives you an instant punch. Do try it out for your friends. Here's the recipe for the same.

If you enjoyed the recipes, do try them and always drink responsibly!

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