Don’t miss a chance to drop letters at these iconic post offices in India!

Even though text messages and phone calls have replaced the custom of posting letters to loved ones, there is no harm in living the old times with these iconic post offices in India!

India has multiple iconic things that make the country apart from any other nation in the world. From linguistics, cultures, and rituals to places, it is hard to count these on fingers. But can you imagine that India also has iconic post offices? Well, that’s true and another feature that makes our country a distinguished land. So, let’s check out these iconic post offices in India and plan your visit soon!

1. The first-ever post office – Kolkata


Can you believe that the first-ever post office in India is still a place to visit? East India Company opened the first post office in 1727, and later, in 1774, Calcutta GPO was established by Warren Hastings. Even today, the building is adorned with a white domed roof, Corinthian pillars, and a museum with a collection of old artefacts and stamps! Only this year, this GPO also became the first post office in the country to have a cafe!

2. World’s highest post office – Spiti


Do you know India has the world’s highest post office? To one’s amazement, a post office in Hikkim village of Himachal Pradesh’s Spiti valley enjoys the privilege of being a post office located at the highest point in the world. It is at the height of 14,567 feet above sea level. Started on November 5, 1983, this post office is now renovated as a letter-box-shaped office to attract tourists.

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3. Floating post Office – Srinagar


Yes, we also have a post office that floats on the beautiful Dal lake in Srinagar. And, this post office is two centuries old existing from the time of Maharajas and Britishers, but only in 2011 was it modified and launched formally. Known as Nehru Park Floating Post Office, the office uses a special seal that depicts a houseboat on Dal Lake that further showcases the operations of the post office from a houseboat!

4. The biggest post office – Mumbai


Mumbai has the biggest post office in India. Established in 1794, Mumbai GPO was constructed next to the then Victoria Terminus so that after the mail was shipped in from the docks, it could be sorted and shifted to the railway carriages via the back entrance. Spread over 1 lakh sq ft; the post office shifted to its current place on April 12, 1913. You will be amazed to know that the building is one of the earliest places in Bombay to install an elevator, and the employees here still use the same!

5. Victorian-styled heritage post office – Nagpur


It would not be wrong if we say that Nagpur has one of the most beautiful heritage post offices that attracts a lot of crowds here! Showcasing Victorian-styled architecture at this two-storey building, this post office dates back to 1921! The outer part of the building consists of verandahs, Tuscan columns, and a Roman arch which is topped by a pavilion holding a clock tower. Not surprisingly, this building was declared a national heritage by the government in 1994!

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