How about giving your eyes some pleasure? It is possible with these colourful streets in India!

If you have visited the Indian cities mentioned below but have not seen these amazing colourful streets in India, then you need to explore them once again. Check out why we are saying this

Have you ever looked around carefully while being outside? The most visible thing one can figure out is colours. We, in India, love colours and leave no chance to be colourful in the way we dress and carry stuff with us. We flaunt every single colour like no one does in other countries! Similarly, we also have some of the beautiful colourful streets in India that add to the aesthetic sense of the cities. Have a look at their beauty!

1. Fontainhas, Goa


The heaven for beach lovers! Well, this place is just not restricted to amazing beaches and food. The Fontainhas or the Latin Quarter in Old Goa is where you need to visit if you haven’t already. The reason is its Portuguese-style houses and cafes. Some of them exist from the time when the Portuguese used to live here. This street has yellow, green, and blue coloured walls and houses. Also, most of the houses here have red roofs, overhead balconies, and creative doors. Do you know that people here paint their homes and cafes every year and that’s the main reason why it appeals so much to the eyes!

2. French Quarter, Pondicherry


If you want to see how the French streets look, you must visit this street in Pondicherry. The reason is that you will find here, beautiful French-styled villas and houses, mostly painted with yellow colour. Apart from this, you will also get to see some quirky houses with Bougainville. While walking on the streets here, the graffiti on the roads will amaze you with its charm. Don’t think too much and get into one of the cafes here while watching people walking by this beautiful street outside!

3. Bandra, Mumbai


Mumbai is one such place where beautiful street work is most visible almost everywhere. Talking about Bandra, it has various themed walls that are amazingly adorned to please people. You can see black-and-white 3D graffiti when you walk down the slope toward Bandstand. Also, you will get to see a child with a rainbow once you are on Chappel road. No matter how much you think, you will be filled with a sense of wonder every time you look at it. The place also had some charming colourful Bollywood murals that you must see while being here.

4. Lodhi Art District, Delhi


This is one of the most colourful streets in India, located at ‘Dilwalon ki Dilli’! This street has recently gone into a makeover by artists who have again made it beautiful. The Lodhi Art District lies between Khanna Market and Meharchand Market. Once you see the artwork here created by 25 street artists from India, you cannot leave this place without appreciating the creativity. Get ready to encounter paintings inspired by the national flag and art displaying ‘women’s rights’ and ‘Mahabharata’.

5. Old city, Udaipur


How about viewing street art depicting royalty? The old city of Udaipur makes this possible. It would be best if you check out this street when you have a good time in hand. The houses here are very old, belonging to the time of kings. Moreover, you can find here pretty paintings on the walls where mostly visuals of elephants can be seen. The fresco paintings dotted on the walls of homes give them a royal look here. So, get ready to explore this beautiful city in Rajputana (now Rajasthan) while being amazed at its mesmerizing beauty.

6. Malleshwaram, Bengaluru


If you are looking for interesting things to see in Bengaluru, you must visit Malleshwara once. The reason is this place’s graffiti and street art that makes one go “wow.” Malleshwaram is popular for its poly farming culture visible everywhere. And, the creative artworks around such designs just add more beauty to it. It’s not surprising to see here paintings that astonish you! Moreover, once being here, one also gets to see giant and appealing graffiti. The walls here have quirky whimsical designs that welcome you again and again!

Where: Bengaluru, Karnataka

7. Kannaji Nagar, Chennai


Another colourful treat awaits your presence in Chennai at an area called, Kannaji Nagar. While It is one of the largest resettlement sites in India, the recent makeover in the area has made it worthy of the visit. Owing to the efforts of St+art India Foundation, the street has been presented with the colouful art of various artists that depict the daily lives of the residents in multiple colours.

8. Varanasi Ghats, Varanasi


While the century-old lanes and streets in Varanasi have always filled the residents and the tourists with colourful joy, the redevelopments at the Ghats in the holy city have allowed people to enjoy roaming in the multi-coloured streets. The streets and roads around the ghats, temples and shrines are all coloured yellow, red, blue and other colours. So, when are you visiting this?

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