We Are’ is the title of India’s largest panoramic mural depicting equality among HIV patients. The mural will be completed soon.

HIV Aids patients are those people who do not only suffer from the disease but also the social stigma that comes with it. In an attempt to aware citizens regarding the same, India’s largest panoramic mural has been created in Chennai.


‘We Are’ titled panoramic mural aims to depict how HIV patients and those who have recovered deserve equal rights in society. The mural includes the portraits of five people where three are HIV patients, purposefully mixed with the other two showing “everyone is the same”.


Designed by a Chennai-based graffiti writer and street artist A-Kill, along with Delhi-based Khatra, the mural will be seen at Indira Nagar Railway Station. A-Kill, who is popular for displaying real lives has again created messages of awareness through his amazing artwork.


As part of the mural, one can also view the red ribbon which is recognized as a symbol of AIDS awareness, throughout the Indira Nagar railway platform which is 280 meters long. The 63,000 sq. ft. artwork had begun in December 2020 taking approximately 40 days to complete.

Togetherness for good

The mural is an initiative of St+art India Foundation, TANSACS, Tidel Park and Southern Railway. All of the mentioned organisations have joined hands to remove myths related to HIV that ultimately cause discrimination towards the affected patients.


The inaugural session of the mural will take place at the end of February. It will be followed by a small community activity where artists, along with people from TNSACS will write their views on “who they are” on the mural.

According to UNAIDS Data, 2018, new infections of the disease (between 2010 to 2017) has declined by 27% in India. However, India remains in the third position for being the highest HIV epidemic in the world.

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