Postman by day and musician by night: Story of a man living for his passion!

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Postman by day and musician by night: Story of a man living for his passion!

Postman by day and musician by night, this man is hope for those who fail to pursue their dreams.

Where the story of "Cinderella fulfilling her dreams" is instilled in our memories, such instances in real life is hard to be seen. However, Gerard Leo Anthony from Bengaluru justifies all fairy tale stories by being a postman by day and musician by night.


The 56-year-old hails from Babusapalya, Horamavu. He is currently working at HAL 2nd stage post office in Bengaluru, but as the sun goes down, he turns into a singer and guitarist. He is a lead performer of a band, 'Jukebox 300', which he formed with four of his friends. The band has transformed into a brand that has been entertaining people for more than a decade now. The artists of the band perform at various clubs, parties, and private functions.

Leo received popularity during the pandemic after he started posting videos or his musical performances on Firework. The short-video online platform, then, gained him many followers. The videos also have some clips of him sharing his experiences and stories.

He says, "A friend of mine introduced me to the platform, and now I have numerous fans and followers online. It is a new-found stardom, and I’m enjoying it.”



Leo was always interested in music as he used to sing and play the guitar in school and church choir. During his teenage days, he used to perform at pubs and diners in old Banglore. Though, he joined the same postal department in 1995 where his father used to work. But as truly said, "passion makes its way", music was always an important part of his life, irrespective of him delivering the letters and parcels.

Leo, who is already involved in several Kannada music projects, aims to turn to a music composer in English and Kannada language after his retirement.

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