Wash away your weekly worries with great food at Cafe Noir in Mumbai!

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Wash away your weekly worries with great food at Cafe Noir in Mumbai!

Getting good food with a good vibe is an attraction everyone loves. Check out Cafe Noir in Lower Parel, Mumbai, and treat yourself this week!

Let's accept it, we always want to find a new spot to hang out and chill after a chaotic week. A weekly meltdown happens only after the first indulgent bite has been taken. But the question arises, where to hang out? Keep your worries aside since we bring you Cafe Noir in Lower Parel, Mumbai, a new place to relax!

Cafe Noir

Cafe Noir is a French casual cuisine restaurant located at Upper Worli, Lower Parel. Initially started in Bangalore, Cafe Noir in Mumbai sticks to French Bistro aesthetics in its ambience and decor. The cafe can accommodate a maximum of 35 people at a time.

Talking about the menu, the restaurant claims to source its ingredients locally. Ideally specialized in baked goods, Cafe Noir Mumbai has focused more on its main menu dishes.

Cafe Noir mumbai

One of the dishes we got our hands on was Brocolli and Kale soup. Thick and warm, with subtle tones of well-cooked Kale, the soup gave the meal a healthy and fresh start.

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Cafe Noir Mumbai

For appetizers, we tried the Harissa spiced chicken crepe. We also had spinach, goat cheese, and sun-dried tomato quiche. It was filling and flavourful just the right way.


For the salad, we were served Quinoa, avocado, and orange salad. Presented in an aesthetic arrangement, the salad was enough for one person with the Quinoa. It was refreshing and came with a piece of toasted bread to complement.

Cafe Noir

The main course was a little on the heavier side. We tried the sous vide chicken breast along with apple salad. Sous vide is a low-temperature long process of vacuum sealing and cooking chicken. A must-try from the menu.


For desserts, we got ourselves Chocolate Financier and Exotic Scoops to finish up our meals on a sweet note. Not overpowering in sweetness, the desserts gave a balanced end to the lunch experience.

Where: Upper Worli, Lower Parel

When: 10 am- 11 pm

Cost: Approximately Rs. 2,000 for 2 people

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