Virat's One8 Commune is now in Mumbai and has a breathtakingly pretty ambience

Mishkaat Imrani
Nov 01, 2022 12:50 IST
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Virat's One8 Commune is now in Mumbai and has a breathtakingly pretty ambience

Located inside the late Kishore Kumar's bungalow, One8 Commune features an aesthetic and comforting decor and offers various cuisines.

After Kolkata, Delhi, and Pune, Virat Kohli's One8 Commune finally opened its doors for Mumbaikars in October, and we are glad that it's here. This spacious Mumbai outlet of Virat's restaurant is like a piece of art. It pays homage to the legendary singer Kishor Kumar as the bungalow where the restaurant is built was once owned by Kishore Da. The vibe here is comforting, and with its very well-done decor, this place is all about beautiful aesthetics. We recently enjoyed a relaxing lunch here and must say the place looks great in the daylight as it has a glass roof and a lot of greenery.

Something for everybody

There are different sections depending on what kind of mood you are in for your outing. The blue room is all cozy and perfect for brunches or lazy meals, the private dining area would be an ideal spot for couples, and another room where you can sit with books is also gorgeous.



The food was good. We started with Virat's favourite Avocado Tartar and loved every bit of it. The avocados were soft and were topped with crispy corn. The creamy texture of avocados with the crunch was just perfect. The Burrata spread was a creamy delight and came paired with fresh fruits and bread. Try this if you want to keep it light.

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The next dish was the cottage cheese steak which was served with green and orange chutney along with the tomato stew. This one had a subtle flavour of the fennel seeds and was pretty filling. We loved how soft the paneer was and the tangy flavours overall. We ended this meal with a plate of Vegan hazelnut torte. This pastry gave us a sugar rush and the sweet bitter flavour was delectable.

Our food note

One8 definitely bowled us over with its rich and elegant ambience but the food portion didn't do justice to the price. The service was also pretty slow, and that's where One8 Commune lost its wicket for us. But yes, if you are a Virat Kohli or Kishore Da fan, you should definitely visit this place once.

Where: 18/B, Juhu Tara Rd, behind Little Italy, Shivaji Nagar, Juhu, Mumbai

When: 12:30–3:30pm, 7pm–1:30am

Price: Rs.2,000 for two.

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