Try these quick dessert recipes by The Crazy Indian Chef, and satiate your sweet tooth cravings!

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Try these quick dessert recipes by The Crazy Indian Chef, and satiate your sweet tooth cravings!

Stressed is desserts spelled backward, and if you are looking for some yummy, and easy sweet to make, then try these quick dessert recipes by Punam, and treat yourself with some delicious meetha!

If happiness for you is eating cookies, licking the Nutella jar, slurping on falooda, or treating yourself with some chocolate ( A lot of chocolate, right?), then be the chef for a day, and try these quick dessert recipes by the Crazy Indian chef! Why waste time ordering, or finding a place, when you can make it yourself! Go, read ahead!

1. Chocolate pinwheel cookies

This no-bake cookie recipe is pure bliss, as it is filled with gooey peanut butter and honey. This one is super easy to make and is definitely going to be a go-to solution for your 2 am cravings!

2. Christmas tree pastry

Taylor Swift once said We can leave the Christmas lights up until January, but we believe, we can also make the Christmas desserts throughout the year! This quick recipe has Nutella, choco chips, and nuts. The Christmas tree shape looks too adorable and is Insta-worthy. The chef here has baked it, but if you want, you can also shallow fry it on a pan on a slow flame, and enjoy a crispy Christmas pastry!

3. Chocolate Sandwich

All that this recipe need is a lot of butter, your favourite chocolate, bread slices, Nutella, or any other chocolate syrup! The chef has shallow fried it on a pan, but if you want, you can toast it, or even bake it (But, nothing beats the shallow fried crispiness of the bread!). You can do a little adventure by making a tower of these sandwiches, and enjoy a huge bite!

4. Biscuit falooda

Oh, if Jim Jam takes you back in time, and you still love these biscuits, then you should try your hands in this epic recipe. This version of falooda is made with Jim Jam, rose syrup, basil seeds, vermicelli, and can be made in a few minutes. We will suggest you add strawberry ice-cream for more fun!

5. Chocolate fudge

This two-ingredient, no-bake recipe is making us hungry. It only requires condensed milk, and a lot of chocolate (Depends on how much chocolaty you want it to be!). It will go perfect with a glass of cold coffee, or warm milk! You shouldn't wait, try it na!

6. Affogato coffee

It's time to get over Dalgona coffee and sip on a chilled glass of affogato coffee. This cool variant of your coffee is Insta-worthy too, and the texture talks a lot about the taste. The chef has used 2 scoops of ice-cream, but you can go ahead with as many as you want!

7. Tender coconut milkshake

Let's all agree that nothing beats a sip of fresh nariyal pani, and if you also love this healthy drink, then you should definitely try this recipe. It's not your regular nariyal pani, but it's coconut shake, and it is nothing but all creamy, and tasty! Check this quick recipe for a rich, and healthy coocnut slurp!

Also, check how This juice centre in Banglore is serving coconut shakes with ice-cream, nuts, and more!

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