This juice centre in Bangalore is serving 20 varieties of coconut shakes with ice cream, nuts, and more!

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This juice centre in Bangalore is serving 20 varieties of coconut shakes with ice cream, nuts, and more!

Bangaloreans, are you craving some fresh Nariyal pani? Then head to this juice centre in Gandhi Nagar that serves 20 varieties of coconut shakes!

Be it a post-workout drink, or the one after a random walk in a park, nariyal Pani, or coconut shakes never fails to soothe our throat. This power-packed drink helps in balancing the electrolytes and gives an instant energy kick to your body. If you also love this happy drink, then would you mind adding a scoop of ice-cream, fruits, and nuts to your shell?



Yelneer Katte is a small juice joint in Basavangudi, which is making news for its healthy coconut shakes, and drinks. These coconut shakes are packed with the goodness of nariyal Pani, and other fun ingredients. Served in coconut shells, these drinks are healthy, tasty, and satiating.

The menu is quite elaborate. There are three main sections. The first one is called ' we sip we eat', which includes coconut shakes that are served with a scoop of ice-cream. There are multiple flavours, but the ones that we love are chocolate and Kesar Pista.


The second section has been named ' Joy For Health', which is about a fab combo of coconut shake, fresh fruits, and veggies. This section is perfect for all those health freaks out there finding something delicious and healthy to drink. Get your hands on the healthy pomegranate shake, or satiate your taste buds with the one with beetroot, and forget about those random fancy smoothies!

The third section ' A Rich Tummy Full' has coconut shakes that are laden with ice-cream, dry fruits, and more. This one is not only a perfect blend of everything sweet but also it is quite filling.

We are totally in love with their idea of combining the regular coconut shakes with such interesting toppings. Tell us what do you think in the comment section below, and don't forget to visit this place, if you are in Banglore, and enjoy a healthy slurp!

Where: Yelneer Katte, Basavangudi, Banglore

11 am - 2.30 pm / 4 pm- 9 pm

Rs.50 - Rs.90

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