Try these Maggi recipes next time you’re confused about what to eat

Growing up in India, Maggi has been a go-to snack for most of us. Sometimes a quick meal after an afternoon of playing cricket or the weekly Tiffin that we all looked forward to, Maggi has been there for us throughout our childhood and has helped us survive some of the tough days during adulthood. Over the years, snack Maggie has often become our comfort food and sometimes our prominent meal too. And with some little tweaks, we made our Maggi for a tasty treat. And if you’re looking to experiment further, check out these Maggi recipes, and bookmark this for your next meal.

Cheese maggie in a jar

Cheese and Maggi is a match made in heaven! And this Delhi based food blogger adds her own unique twist to the recipe. Not only the jar makes for a fancy presentation, but we also love the way this recipe incorporates cheese. Aren’t you drooling already?

Desi Maggie

If you’re someone who loves desi flavor, then this recipe is for you. With a tadka of different spices and a yummy combination of the traditional onion, tomato, and potatoes, this recipe brings out the true desi flavour of maggie.

Creamy Alfredo Maggie

If cheese was not enough, here we have a creamy alfredo recipe. One of the easiest Maggi recipes, it would probably take you five minutes to pull it together once the basic Maggi is ready. Best part? You can use the Alfredo sauce recipe for other dishes as well.

Red hot chilli garlic Maggi

Craving some chilli? Then this is the recipe for you. With a combination of sauce, spices, and bell peppers, this dish brings out the heat and taste at different levels.

Makhni Maggie

Yes, you read it right, here we have Makhni Maggi. Straight from making the base of Makhni to incorporating it in our favourite Maggi, with a good dose of butter, this could be our go-to comfort dish.

Cheese Chilli Tadka Maggie

Chilli cheese is a classic flavour pairing, hence you can’t go wrong here. Lifestyle blogger Rishva starts the recipe in a proper desi way, by sauteing onions in a mix of spices. And as the recipe comes together, the creaminess and spiciness balance each other. We are definitely trying out these Maggi recipes.

Maggie Pizza

It’s Pizza Time! But no ordinary pizza, this one is made with Maggi and no, it’s not just the toppings. Instead, the entire base itself is made out of maggie and topped with sauce, bell peppers, and cheese. This is one of the most innovative Maggi recipes you should definitely try out.

Maggi Butter Masala

What’s better than Masala Maggi? Butter Masala Maggi! This dish is more complicated than sounds. With tomato puree cooked with sauteed garlic and onions, topped with Maggi and a big knob of butter, this would be the best dish to cook when looking for comfort food.

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