#VocalforLocal, Homegrown Goan Alcohol to sip on!

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#VocalforLocal, Homegrown Goan Alcohol to sip on!

Goa has everyone's heart! Doesn't it? When in Goa, there is a list of things one wants to do. Add trying the local alcohol brands in Goa, and you will not regret your decision even a tiny bit. No party in Goa is complete without sipping on some desi Goan Alcohol. Here's a list of brands that are brewed in Goa!

1. Cabo


The most popular local Goan Alcohol is this white rum. If you love coconut, then you are sure to love every sip of this white rum that has a sweet hint of coconut in its taste and aroma. If you are on the rocks kind of person, go for it, and, if not, there is always option B. Try it with Pinacolada. Go get it on any shack in Goa.

2. Wood Burns Whisky

Goan Alcohol

It is a creation of people at Fullarton Distilleries, Goa. This whiskey is completely Indian, we say this, for the fact no ingredients used in it are from any other part of the world but Goa itself. Pour a glass of it, and we are sure you'll go gaga over its smoky flavor and malt finish.

3. King's Beer

Goan Alcohol

Goa is a favorite place because of its beautiful beaches or its cheap alcohol or both? Guess we'll never know. All the beer lovers traveling to Goa at any point in time, need to have a pint of this beer and one pint can lead you to chug pint after pint. You must be wondering if it is that good? Yes, it is heavenly and cheap (smirks), too.

4. Paul John Whisky

Goan Alcohol

This Whiskey has earned the name of 'great Indian single malt'. It is available in three distinct colors, ranging from amber to mahogany to copper, depending on its maturation. Warning: you will salivate reading about the variety of flavors available. They have chocolate, coconut, spices, marmalade, dry fruits, and honey flavor. The best way to enjoy single malt is with a dash of water.

5. Cazulo Premium Feni


Feni is a drink produced in Goa either from cashew nuts or coconut. It is used to make some amazing flavored cocktails, and not just that, a dash of feni is also added in Goan food. The best way to treat yourself with Feni is by adding chilled soda, lime, and a pinch of salt.

6. DesmondJi

Goan Alcohol

DesmondJi opens up a mindboggling multitude of delectable drinking options for the spirit-connoisseurs. Despite the international tag at DesmondJi, it is homegrown in every aspect, from raw materials to distilling, bottling, and labeling. Give DesmondJi (DJ) products a shot, mix in a cocktail or sip as is, you're likely to be pleasantly taken aback.

7. Licor Armada

Goan Alcohol

Armada is Goa's first spiced liqueurs. It is manufactured in small batches with entirely natural ingredients and spices. The best way to enjoy Armada is after a meal or as a combination in cocktails. If you are keen on trying Armada head straight to Tito's and try out their expansive range of cocktails with Armada.

Do pour a glass of 'em all when in Goa!

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