Meet Sanjana Chatlani, a calligraphy artist from Mumbai who turned her passion into her career 

From beautiful envelopes to grand signboards, calligraphy can add a touch of elegance to everything in this world. And Sanjana Chatlani is doing exactly that.

All about Sanjana Chatlani

What once started as a creative outlet reserved for the weekends soon became her livelihood. And this is how The Bombay Lettering Company was born. Today it has made Sanjana one of the most sought after calligraphy artists in the country.

Talking about what drew her to calligraphy, Sanjana Chatlani says, “In today’s digital world that we live in, calligraphy adds warmth and a personal touch and that is irreplaceable. There’s a sense of perfection among the imperfections of this wonderful art form that attracts me to it!”

Taking in a mix of projects, Sanjana Chatlani can make the best of any medium. Be it ink on paper, logo design, monograms, packaging elements, lettering on merchandise as well as on surfaces like wood, glass, mirror, acrylic Sanjana can do it all. 

Taking the big step

Once a Luxury Brand Manager, Sanjana started her Instagram page out of curiosity. Sanjana takes us back to the early days of her passion project. She says, “Whilst my corporate job was very engaging and dynamic, my interest in Calligraphy kept growing. Eventually leading me to find a market opportunity worth pursuing. I then decided to start an Instagram handle by the name of The Bombay Lettering Company, excited to see where it would take me. Over time, I realized that my weekend passion project had garnered considerable attention. I discovered a demand for my hand-crafted work.”

Sanjana started by taking projects from friends and family and soon got attention form a larger audience. 

After quitting her cushy job in 2018, she decided to pursue her passion as a profession. And within two years, Sanjana has grown her clientless worth boasting. From Michael Kors, Bottega Veneta, Vogue India to Moet Hennessy, and even Taj Group of hotels, everyone is wowed by her skills. She even got to work for Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s wedding and got featured in People Magazine USA!

Not just wedding invites, Sanjana also designs hand-scripted logos, tattoo design, and even maintaining wall murals. According to her, The Bombay Lettering Company is a one-stop-shop for all things calligraphy. And has even launched an e-commerce platform to help fellow calligraphy enthusiasts access the best equipment.

Multiple faces of one business

She has conducted workshops in multiple cities across the country and is in the process of creating an online course. She is even using calligraphy as a therapy tool and working with Autistic children.

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Calligraphy in itself is not always looked at as a career option. Quiz Sanaja about how she feels about being in this field, she responds. “People would always tell me that what I do is very niche, but honestly, words are all around us! It’s just how creatively we use them to communicate what we have at hand. Through this, I’m trying to really bring back the appreciation of handmade art, and bring people’s words to life!”

Sanjana Chatlani was interviewed and featured on the cover of The Zine, a magazine launched by Longchamp Paris. She is the first Calligrapher in India to invite and Host a Master Penman to our country in January 2020.

Being an entrepreneur and an artist is not an easy task, yet Sanjana manages everything seamlessly. So, what’s the secret to her successful business? 

“I’d like to believe that what makes what I do unique is the fact that it was a passion project much before the intention of becoming a business. Hence, the growth and culmination into what it is today have been so pure and organic for me. Every decision has been made from the heart over the mind. I strongly feel that Calligraphy has made me a more calm and patient person over the years. And this has had a direct impact on the way I handle day to day business situations and decisions as well. The calmness, patience, and genuineness with which I work have definitely added to the micro-successes which eventually leads to a more macro sense of success.”

And when she is not working, Sanjana loves to play lawn tennis, painting with watercolors, reading, watching documentaries, or listening to podcasts.

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