This Mumbai based illustrator is sketching up some relatable content!

Meet Pranita Kocharekar, the Mumbai based Illustrator who is expressing her real self and winning hearts with her beautiful illustrations. Just scroll through her feed once, and you’ll be able to relate with her so much that you’ll find both solace and inspiration from her art. Besides her interest in the arts, she loves spending her time staying fit & reading.

A graphic designer by profession, Pranita is a self-taught illustrator, and her Instagram is proof that she has excelled in the art. Apart from creating fun illustrations, she is quite vocal about coping with anxiety and shares it with her series of #SurvingAnxiety and #NoteToSelf.

Like any great artist, Pranita also discovered her genius at a young age. Talking to Local Samosa, she revealed a childhood story close to her heart.

“I grew up in a family full of artists where the walls of my home became my canvas. This enabled me to express myself freely using art as my medium. At the age of 6, I drew handmade cards for all occasions along with a friend and set up a pop-up shop. I pretty much knew it then that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Carrying forward this childhood dream, I began crafting products for an audience larger than my neighbourhood! Most of my inspiration comes from books. Reading often leads to a higher state of self-awareness which helps me express myself better as an artist!

From sketching up personal projects to creating cute daily drawings, her colourful illustrations are a sight to behold. Oh! did we tell you she is a typography genius? See it for yourself.

Pranita Kocharekar

Pranita owns the online merchandise store that she believes is an extension of herself. From cute home & lifestyle to stationery products, we are sure you are gonna fall in love with every product on the e-shelf.

Pranita Kocharekar

To come up with so much content without compromising on creativity is not easy. Pranita gives us a sneak peek into her creative process. Here’s how she comes up with ideas.

Most of my ideas come to me while in the shower, or in the middle of cooking a meal or while jogging. Sometimes I even dream of ideas! I believe this is possible by training yourself to passively be aware of your environment.
I have a massive master list on my phone where I jot down all my ideas. The next stage is to sketch these ideas out on paper/ tablet. Once I see them visually, I give them a better direction. “

If this didn’t make you smile, we don’t know what will.

Check out the Instagram account of Pranita Kocharekar here!

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