Try these unique Modak recipes and experience a sugar rush!

Right from chocolate bean modaks, which mix the richness of cocoa with the crunch of walnuts, to savory modaks that contain a tantalizing blend of betel leaves and spices, these unique modak recipes showcase the growth of creativity in Indian sweets

Sakshi Upadhyay
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Try these unique and trendy Modak recipes to give a fun twist to the traditional delicacy, and enjoy Ganesh Chaturthi in a delicious way!!!!

Everyone wants to experiment these days! From Maggi to Momos, we have seen a variety of combinations. But what about Modaks? Right from chocolate bean modaks, which mix the richness of cocoa with the crunch of walnuts, to savory modaks that contain a tantalizing blend of betel leaves and spices, these unique recipes showcase the growth of culinary creativity in Indian sweets, combining tradition and innovation, combining festivities with a delicious twist. Let's explore Instagram world and a few of these trending modaks. 

1. Jelly Modaks

Jiggly wiggly jellies but let's make it Modak. Yes, you read it right. Jelly modaks are a modern and playful twist on traditional Indian modaks. This innovative dessert replaces the traditional rice flour or coconut outer layer with a colorful and clear jelly. Inside the jelly container, you'll often find sweet and fruity fillings made with fruit-flavored gelatin or fruit preserves. Jelly beans come in a variety of vibrant colors and fruity flavors, making them attractive and fun to watch, especially for kids. They offer a different and attractive look from the usual fashion and add a nice touch to festive celebration

2. Dudh Modaks

Modaks are generally made by mixing condensed milk to enhance its texture and flavor. But have you ever witnessed momos dipped in milk? Here's a healthy recipe that involves the use of boiling the modak and dipping it in milk and saffron to enhance its taste. These modaks are soft and easy to chew especially for elderly citizens and small kids who aren't able to bite into hard substances. 

3. Srikhand Modaks

Shrikhand modaks are an intriguing variation of the traditional modaks made during festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi in India. These modaks are filled with shrikhand, a sweet and creamy yogurt-based dessert. These modaks offer a unique twist to the traditional modak recipe and are loved by those who enjoy the creamy, sweet flavor of shrikhand. The Instagram trend settlers really said Let's mix the two things Maharashtrians love the most- Shrikhand and Modak. 

4. Paneer Modak

Paneer in a sweet dish? Well here's a recipe that involves making modaks out of paneer which is mixed with powdered sugar, giving it a sweet and slightly grainy texture. Paneer modaks offer a harmonious blend of sweet and mildly aromatic flavors. The creamy paneer filling contrasts with the slightly grainy outer layer, creating a delightful texture. Will you give this unique blend a try?

5. Violet Ukadiche Modak

Color, color, what color modaks do you want? Violet. While scrolling through Instagram we came across these traditional Ukadiche momos but in Violet. The trick was using Butterfly Pea Flower Tea which changes the colour of the outer shell. You must try this hack to give your modaks an artsy blend that attracts kids and leaves the guests astonished and mesmerized asking you the secret. 

6. Nuts Chocolate Modak

Chocolate Modaks are a wonderful fusion of traditional Indian modaks and the rich flavors of chocolate and nuts. These modaks are perfect for those who like a modern twist on classic sweets. The chocolate provides a rich and indulgent flavor, while the nuts add a nutty and slightly spicy element. Depending on personal preference, you can experiment with different types of chocolate (dark, milk, white) and different nuts to create unique flavor profiles and a personalized recipe of your own.

7. Coffee Walnut Modaks

Here's something personalized for those who need coffee to function and enjoy the brewed taste. These modaks are the perfect blend for those who enjoy coffee and nut savories. It offers a combination of sweet, coffee-infused sweet and the earthly flavor of walnuts. You can experiment with the coffee based on your preferred flavor and quantity. 

8. Paan Modak

Well, we have something for everyone. Are you someone who enjoys the refreshing flavors of paan or preferred paan-flavored candies? Get acquainted with Paan Modaks which is a creative and delicious combination of two favorite Indian dishes: paan (mouth-watering betel leaf) and modak (sweet dumpling). These modaks are not only delicious but also offer a perfect blend of sweet and savory. For the ones who are new to this flavor, will you give it a try?

9. Rose Coconut Modak

Elegance and class are often associated with rose petals. Rose modaks represent a fragrant and exquisite variation of modaks, a choice that might be favored by royal families. These modaks are infused with the delicate flavor of roses and garnished with rose petals or edible rose essence. Would you like to try this subtle yet romantic and royal flavor of modak to treat your friends and family this Ganesh Chaturthi?

10. Kesari Rice Ukdiche Modak 

When you thought we were done experimenting with Ukdiche Modaks, we brought another unique recipe. Made from the finest Kesari Rice these modaks will melt in your mouth and relish your taste buds. The video itself is well-explanatory regarding the procedure as well as how mouth-watering they must be. Will this modak turn up in your house this Ganesh Chaturthi?

Modaks in its every flavor and texture is thoroughly enjoyed by Indians. But, will you go out of your way to experiment with new flavors and unique  modak recipes like those mentioned above? Let us know! Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

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