Italy's authentic gelato is now in Bandra, Mumbai at The Gelato Bar!

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Italy's authentic gelato is now in Bandra, Mumbai at The Gelato Bar!

Devour a scoop of Gelato ice cream, or eat a Gelato sandwich accompanied by Affogato and sundaes at The Gelato Bar as they are prepared by the award winner Chef Rachi in Carpigiani Chillers, a globally recognized company for their premium ice cream and gelato machines.

Gelatos are frozen desserts of Italian origin and are just like ice creams except that they are creamier and denser with a higher proportion of milk and a lower proportion of cream and eggs or no eggs at all. And if going to Italy is not possible for you, fret not as The Gelato Bar in Bandra is serving chilled scoops and sandwiches of Gelatos in flavours tasty enough to turn your boring day into a delicious one!

Made fresh with natural ingredients

The Gelatos not only look great but are also delicious in taste. The Sicilian Pistachio and Blueberry cheesecakes were among our favourites! The texture was creamy, and the sweetness was just right. On the other hand, the Filter Kaapi and Orange sorbet took us down memory lane with their familiar flavours, leaving us reminiscing about the mango ice cream and coffee bites we used to enjoy during summer and recess!

"You don't get the same ingredients here, so Rachi is presenting them with familiar Indian flavours. For example, the orange sorbet was inspired by the orange candy of Quality Walls and as pistachios are Italy's beloved dried fruit and almonds are popular in India, we developed the enticing flavour of roasted almonds", said Rajat, co-founder of The Gelato Bar and brother of Chef Rachi.

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Other than these, Gianduja, salted caramel crunch, chocolate & cherry, apple pie, and dark chocolate are also the flavours you can pick and enjoy. The sundaes are also drool-worthy, but if you really are craving something sweet, go for the Gelato sandwich as they are massive and enough for two people. Feel free to place an order for Affogatos as well because they were another highlight for us and can be customized with your favourite flavour.

An Italian touch

Founded by Chef Rachi and her brother Rajat in May, The Gelato Bar claims to offer authentic Italian Gelatos! "Last year, Rachi visited Italy in order to learn how to make authentic gelato", he added. The blast chiller and the regular freezer that the duo uses are from Carpigiani, a company that's globally acclaimed for manufacturing ice cream freezers and chillers. The quality is fantastic and so is the quantity. Even the small cups are satiating. Vegan and sugar-free options are available too and so do plan a visit if you're craving a nice scoop of sundae or gelato.

Where:  Shop No. 6, SHIV ASTHAN HEIGHTS, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050.

1 pm to 1 am

Price: Rs. 195 onwards

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