The Sound Space On Wheels: Musical Bus Gives Underprivileged Kids in Mumbai Access to Instruments and Singing!

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In an initiative to foster musical talent and bring joy to the lives of underprivileged children in Mumbai, a project called ‘The Sound Space on Wheels’ has been launched on August 4th by The Sound Space.

The initiative driven by a musical bus aims to provide access to musical instruments and singing lessons to children who might otherwise not have the opportunity to explore their artistic potential. ‘The Sound Space on Wheels’ is a philanthropic initiative aimed at providing underprivileged children in Mumbai with access to music education and instruments. Through its mobile music school, the project seeks to empower young minds, foster creativity, and nurture the next generation of musicians.

The ‘Sound Space on Wheels’ project is a collaborative effort of several individuals, philanthropic organizations, and the local government, all united in their goal to make music education accessible to children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The musical bus, brightly adorned with musical notes and vibrant colors, will traverse various neighborhoods and communities, reaching out to children in need.

Music on Wheels

Vishala and Kamakshi Khanna founded The Sound Space, a modern-day music venue. Through innovative programs, seminars, and humanitarian activities, it is reimagining traditional Indian music in education, healthcare, and the corporate world. As the bus arrives at different locations, it unfolds into a fully functional mobile music school, equipped with a range of musical instruments, including guitars, keyboards, drums, and various percussion instruments. Certified music instructors, along with volunteers, will conduct interactive and engaging music workshops, introducing the children to the magic of melody and rhythm.

Music on Wheels

Apart from instrumental lessons, the program will also offer vocal training, allowing children with an interest in singing to hone their voices and express themselves through song. Additionally, the bus will host regular musical performances and open mic sessions, giving the children a chance to showcase their newfound talents to their peers and the wider community. The team claims that the project has received overwhelming support from various local businesses, community leaders, and musicians who have expressed their willingness to contribute time, resources, and instruments to the cause.

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