Advertisment India’s first AI-backed royalty-free music tech platform launched for music composers and content creators

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New Update India’s first AI-backed royalty-free music tech platform launched for music composers and content creators

Coinciding with the upcoming World Music Day, India's first-ever AI-driven, new age, disruptive, music tech platform, has been launched for music composers to create royalty-free, affordable, easy to license, exclusive and mood-based music.

Co-founded by two youngsters, Mansoor Rahimat Khan and Siddharth Bhardwaj, aims to revolutionize how music is consumed and repurposed by content creators (YouTubers, podcast creators, ad jingle makers, etc). is being seen as the only platform that offers content creators original music in Cinematic, Indian, Indie, Ambient, Hip-hop, Electronic, Pop, and RnB genres. Through the application, content creators will also be able to customise their soundtracks to synchronise with their videos or podcasts. 


Mansoor Rahimat Khan, Co-Founder, & CEO, of, pointed out during the launch, " leverages AI to make mood-based music to synchronise with the vibe of the creator’s content. The technology used by generates completely original royalty-free music that content creators can use without the hassle of copyright issues." Adding to it he says that has helped generate more than 1000 music tracks that have already been used in various mediums. More than 350 minutes of music have already been downloaded, and 10000+ minutes of music data have been contributed.

"Artists can use to generate new sounds derived from all types of audio inputs. Also, rights of the music belong to the company; as a result, users get a perpetual license for using the soundtracks for their choice of content and choice of medium," Khan said.

Some of the popular musicians who are already contributing to the platform are Khalid Ahmed, Sitarist Asad Khan, Ustad Chhote Rahimat Khan, Singer-songwriter duo Merak, electronic producer three oscillators, New York-based pianist Maham Riaz, Indie Routes and Anand Bhaskar collective's guitarist Hrishi Giridhar, Sanjog Bhushan (Trix).  


Siddharth Bhardwaj, Co-Founder & CTO,, explains, "AI music relies on software programs and algorithms to learn and evolve by listening to millions of songs and pieces, recognising patterns to create music. The technology used for is a mix of artificial intelligence and music theory, that helps musicians compose music based on their preferences. The onset of AI does not replace human art but will augment and complement artists to spur a golden span of creativity."

As per the estimates of the start-up, through its innovation will help approximately 2000 artists globally since the interface will be acquiring the rights of music catalogues over the next 1 year and will showcase their tunes on their interface making their art easily accessible and sharable and thereby potentially helping artists reach out listeners across the globe.

This platform is backed by tech giants InfoEdge and Entrepreneur First, and the company has raised a total of USD 1.05 million of funding to date. The platform already has more than 1000 users and 150 musicians contributing data to this platform, even before the official launch. 

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