How our day looked like at The Thane Club amid the Olympic-sized pool and multiple activities!

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How our day looked like at The Thane Club amid the Olympic-sized pool and multiple activities!

Popular for housing the one and only Olympic-sized racing pool in Thane, The Thane Club offers not just spacious accommodation but also yearly memberships for exercising facilities like the pool, gyms, badminton and tennis rooms and more.

The ever-augmenting course of absconding from the mundane bustle of life and opting for a recreational space on the weekends that one could ensure to maintain their sanity has surely scooped out a lot of opportunities for the old-existing properties to flourish and The Thane Cub seems to be one of them. On our recent visit to this campus-based space offering accommodation and various amenities, it appeared to be a proximal option for Thane and the nearby residents to have their time-out over here and for the distant ones to choose it as a staycation option.


A view of the inside of the Thane Club from the room

If the inescapable Mumbai traffic is not to be considered, we did not have the hardship in reaching The Thane Club by noon that is located close to the Eastern Express Highway on a little unfrequented lane of Mohan Koppikar road in Thane, the central suburb of Mumbai. However, the property can not be termed secluded either as it is surrounded by residential buildings from all sides. Upon entrance, and crossing the parking available on the right side inside The Thane Club, the reception area provides a fine peek into one of the prominent attributes of the place; the only Olympic-sized racing pool in Thane. But as we came to know of other pools as well, we held our eagerness to check it out and first, decided to recline in their accommodation space before beginning the tour.

Contemporary bling in spacious rooms


The verandah before the passage to the rooms

As we embarked on the walk to the room, we crossed through a verandah with the wall including wall-painted flowers, butterflies, and a swing facing the lane from where we came inside and that gave way to the regular household activities. We took a right from the place to enter a marble-flooring corridor surrounded by orange-colored walls that took us to our room.


Inside the room

The Thane Club offers 8 rooms for their guests and one of which we stayed delivered a premium look with the interior and what captured our eyes was the nicely set table with fruits, desserts. The large glass window opened up to give a panoramic view of the two pools and the newly-opened ViVi Italian Bar & Kitchen — leaving the comfort of the bed for where we went to have lunch that day!

An affordable recreational club


Olympic-sized racing pool

Post lunch started our expedition to explore the Club that, by this time, had started witnessing locals — a majority of which were inside the racing pool. With the depth measuring 3 ft to 8.5 feet, one of the staff at the Thane Club told us with pride, that it is the only such in Thane. Existing since August 2015, the pool has seen permanent members like the teen Raghvi Ramanujan who has won 200 medals and 16 plus trophies in swimming along with other members with various feats on their names.


The indoor pool

Right beside this was a diving pool and diving platforms from 18 feet and 25 feet. Apart from this, as we went opposite these pools, we landed on other pools, one for kids and another, an indoor pool available for outsiders. The pool for kids is accompanied by a playing area with a few swings, and gaming options for the little ones.


Kids playing area

As we departed from the place to traverse the opposite part of the club on the ground floor, we conversed with the staff member who then told us that the Club currently has around 3,000 members from in and around Thane and Mulund. Going specific about the "member" here means an individual who has access to all the facilities of the Club for which the cost is Rs 2.75 lakh f or 10 years and 9.75 lakh for 20 years. However, the place also offers special packages for couples, and families and discounts for athletes and women.

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Space for Squash, Badminton and Tennis


Badminton and Tennis court

Talking about utilities, another segment of the ground floor at the Club takes to a narrow corridor taking which we reached the Squash space and a court for Badminton and Tennis court. Both places are spacious enough for the players. However, the dilapidated condition of these spaces beamed through the fainted blue and green walls and crumbled plaster but as we were told, these areas will soon be revamped. The staff also told us that the coaches for these sports come both in the morning and evening.

Meditation room, a gym overlooking the pool and a CrossFit gym


The Gym

Contrary to the state of these, the gym located on the first floor overlooking the pool seemed well equipped and maintained, with the coaches available all the time to support the trainees. Close to it is also a mediation room which, by the time of our visit, was empty but, as per the staff, witnesses people in the wee hours of the day. Along with this is a card room with 4-5 big tables and chairs for people to play cards, and involved a few people indulged in the same when we entered to take a glimpse. One floor above this is a CrossFit gym for exercising.


CrossFit Gym

The meditation room

Another spotlight at the Thane Club, which could also be their highest source of revenue, is the three banquet halls for weddings, receptions, and other parties. These halls can accommodate around 600 people and more, as told by the staff and are mostly used for wedding ceremonies during the season time. All three halls depict a tint of luxury with their decor and are also accompanied by changing rooms right outside the halls in the corridor.


One of the banquet halls

Coming out of this and stepping into the reception area paved the way for us to have a sight at an elevated stack kept for the awards presented to the club, The Thane Ratna Awards, for its Olympic-size pool in the whole Thane and Mulund.

Food at The Thane Club


Inside the ViVi restaurant, The Thane Club

This property houses three restaurants at different locations inside. One of their most popular ones is Magna Cafe and Bar, which serves some delectable Asian and Continental cuisine and more amid a thoughtful decor. As per the staff, every Wednesday is celebrated here as a 'Sangria night' with free drinks for ladies, and the weekends are made lively with Live music. On the other hand, ViVi Italian Bar and Kitchen finds its place by the pool and serves a variety of dishes from Italian cuisine.

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Another restaurant that spreads the aroma of North Indian food and Tandoor finds its name as 'Masaledar', where we also chose to have our dinner during our stay. Be it staying at The Thane Club or coming here as a member, patrons do not seem to get out of options for food while being here.

Having said that, The Thane Club runs on their defined policies, out of which one includes the non-allowance of couples from in and around Mumbai. However, on the other hand, the place leaves room for a lot of improvement in its amenities section if it is to tackle the crippling architecture. Nevertheless, what it is ready with is to serve a quality time with relaxing and contemporary-styled rooms, palatable food, and plenty of activities tucked in the quaint corner of otherwise bustling Thane.

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