Nomad in Khar, Mumbai will bring flavours of the world to your platter.

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Nomad in Khar, Mumbai will bring flavours of the world to your platter.

The first-ever sit-down outlet of Nomad in Khar West, Mumbai, offers a diversity of pizzas and other cuisines belonging to several regions of the world in warm and restful surroundings.

As the rain lashes all parts of Mumbai, making the environment cold and drenched with water and fog, devouring a freshly wood-fired pizza would surely feel no less than a hint of nirvana, as it did to us very recently on our visit to Nomad in Khar, very close to the railway station. A few hours spent at this cloud-kitchen converted dine-in restaurant ecstatically transported us to the culinary experiences belonging to corners of the world with their crafted pizzas, well surpassing the Italian essence.


The outer seating area at Nomad, Khar

From a small entrance, Nomad takes one to the patio of the restaurant with neon-coloured seats attached to the wall with aberrant and quirky-printed cushions in a blue hue. Other striking elements consist of marble-cladded tables with plastic chairs made to look like of the bamboos - a setting that continues even in the indoor seating area of the outlet. The white walls with light yellow lights and antique-styled lamps also adorn the interior. While the outer seating area was still in the developing process at the time we visited the place, the indoor area was well-patched with the white and wooden theme. Taking the two steps on the left also takes you to another stretch attached to the first one but with a view of the wood-fired pizza oven and the small bar counter. Apart from this, we found the place equipped with a few quirky elements that quotes-driven coasters but what appealed the most to our eyes were the fresh, green plants kept indoors.

Pizzas - travellers' editions


Double Pepperoni (pork) Pizza

Coming to the forefront and the focal point of Nomad, pizzas here come in multiple categories, representing not only Italy but also Chicago, New York, Detroit, Georgia, Thailand, Korea, Poland, Turkey, and even India. However, we decided to venture into their Naples specials, which they proudly claimed to be their best-sellers, and ordered the Double Pepperoni (pork) Pizza. Before delving into the pizza itself, it is important to understand that pizzas from Naples originated in the city of Naples, Italy, back in the 18th century. This wood-fired oven-baked pizza features a red pizza sauce, double pepperoni, mozzarella, and bocconcini. The standout characteristic of these pizzas lies in their thin, soft, and chewy crust, which we consistently found in this particular pizza. Moreover, it was the enticing aroma and the perfect taste of the pork that elevated the toppings, making it a slice of heaven.

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Mixed Vegetables with Crumbled Feta Pizza

Tropical Passion Spritz

Another Naples special that came our way was the Mixed Vegetables with Crumbled Feta Pizza, a veg pizza prepared with mozzarella grilled zucchini, bell pepper, mushroom, and cherry tomato in red pizza sauce with crumbled feta. Like the other one, even this was much mushy to have sat well to our taste with the right amount of cheese. To blend the taste of the hotness and freshly baked, we chose a Tropical Passion Spritz, a refreshing fusion of gin, peach syrup, coconut milk, and passionfruit puree which came topped with sparkling wine. This aromatic white and yellow-coloured drink, with its sweetness, helped us well swallow the food.


Levantine Delight Platter

Strawberry & Raspberry Smoothie

What it also facilitated was the enjoyment of the delectable Levantine Delight Platter, an authentic Middle Eastern platter featuring three hummus flavours: classic, beetroot, and pesto, accompanied by muhammara, labneh, crispy falafel, pickled cucumber, baba ghanoush, lavash, and pita bread. Not only were the dips and items artfully presented on the platter, but they also convinced us with their remarkable taste, immersing us in the flavours of the Middle East. To complement the platter, we had the Cold Coffee with Chocolate Peanut Butter, a thick and tasteful coffee, and the Strawberry & Raspberry Smoothie, a perfect blend of ripe strawberries, succulent raspberries, and creamy yogurt, offering a sip of paradise.

With the multiple breakfast options, Pizzas, beverages, and other drinks, what makes Nomad protrude is their potential to put forward an extensive culinary experience from various parts of the world. We would also like to accord a special acknowledgment to their thoughtful-designed menu that let people discern the diversity in the cuisines as per countries so that people know what they are eating beforehand. This apart, Nomad at Khar comes as a cloistered option to work with the soft music playing at a mild volume as we had a serene time working from the place while devouring the flavours. As a matter of fact, you might land into their ‘work offers’ that provide unlimited food at a given cost that might vary.

Having said that, situated in a location known for housing renowned restaurants, Nomad may face challenges in gaining recognition among customers. Additionally, its somewhat inconspicuous entrance could further add to this task, but only until customers actually visit the place. We are convinced that once people taste the food here, they may become loyal patrons. After all, who would want to miss out on the opportunity to embark on a culinary world tour under one roof?

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