Visit Drifters Bar and Cafe, a quaint corner in Bandra, Mumbai for an escape and decent food!

Mar 01, 2023 05:27 IST
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Visit Drifters Bar and Cafe, a quaint corner in Bandra, Mumbai for an escape and decent food!

Drifters Bar and Cafe is one of the bistros in the busiest Linking Road of Bandra, where one would like to head to have a little chit-chat in peace while devouring a hearty meal.

Tucked amidst one of the crowded lanes of Linking Road in Bandra lies Drifters Bar and Cafe, which gives one a perfect corner for four activities — sit, chat, eat, and drink. We recently visited the cafe for lunch and noticed a few things, apart from the dishes, we loved gobbling.


Outdoor seating area

The first and foremost thing that came to our cognizance as we entered the cafe was the open seating area, which was well and neatly maintained. Moving in brought our attention to a beautiful portrayal of beer-making on a heightened white wall. The wall adjoining the staircase took us up to the closed seating area on the first floor that was not bigger than a drawing-cum-dining space of houses. The beautiful and immersive portraits in black and white frames well embellished the wall in the middle of the room, and big wooden and antique-styled mirrors on the walls were enough to give us period vibes.

Refreshing starters 


Wasai Tempura Prawns

What also captivated our attention was the refreshing starters as we got to dive in the Wasai Tempura Prawns, which were not just visually unique and appealing but even delicious to taste. The prawns, surprisingly, came in much like a cocktail glass with five pieces covering the lid of the glass from all sides. The cheesy flavour of the prawns dipped in the sweetness of Wasabi mayo could be perfect starters for the Prawns lovers.


Veg Nachos Ball

We also ordered a Veg Nachos ball, and it came with the crispy triangle nachos mixed with tomatoes, guacamole, salsa, refried beans, sour cream, yellow Cheddar, and beans under the nachos. The taste only felt usual, but it was a good one to have, for sure. As a salad was a must, we let Watermelon Basil Feta come our way, and this was one of the dishes that impressed us with its mere presentation. Watermelon cut in a circular shape, with basil leaves, feta, and arugula, embellished with cashew nuts and caesar dressing, looked like a delightful treat!

Drinks and the mains

To grab the bites easily, we made sure to call for a few mocktails, and the ones that accompanied our food were Orange Lemon Mojito and Mango Desire, both of which had a zingy and savoury taste with a tincture of lemon. On the other hand, the water Melon Basil Mojito gave us the true essence of watermelon along with the tint of mint.

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Starting with veg, the Spaghetti Aglio olio cooked in olive oil-based Spaghetti, confit garlic, and parmesan for the main course was decent enough for lunch. The Chicken Pery Pery, or the Chef’s Special, was another dish that came neatly decorated with the veggies like broccoli, and capsicum, and garnished with corn, among others. The redness of the chicken was up to the mark, and a lil spicy.

Sweet Tooth


Chocolate Almond Snicker

What we always wait for at the cafes we visit is the delightful desserts, and maintaining the same, we excitedly ordered Chocolate Almond Snicker. After a long time, we found the quantity and quality of the dessert item were prioritized more than its presentation. It appeared perfect for chocolate lovers as its sour and sweet taste filled out dessert cravings quite satisfactorily.


Indoor seating area

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