ArtHead by Farheen is on a trip to paint the world with her brush!

Pen art or beautiful wall murals, this multidisciplinary artist makes them all. Let's look into the journey of Farheen, the mastermind behind ArtHead by Farheen as she interacts candidly with us. 

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art head by farheen

Pen art or beautiful wall murals, this multidisciplinary artist makes them all. Let's look into the journey of Farheen, the mastermind behind ArtHead by Farheen as she interacts candidly with us. 

You might have admired a beautifully painted wall in a café. Today, let’s talk about one such artist who fills these walls with intricate designs and beautiful colors. Farheen Aman, who likes to call herself ArtHead in the art world, is a multidisciplinary artist from Kolkata. She is a painter, a sketch artist, a pen artist, a wall muralist, and a traveling artist. Her true passion lies in filling the colors into a plain surface while roaming the world. So, let’s paint a canvas and have a look at the journey of ArtHead by Farheen.

Many of us become famous in our respective fields and then think of amplifying our work to others, but it was the opposite in Farheen’s case. She was fascinated by art since childhood and would look for finesse in every work she did. That’s when she thought of personifying her skills in art. While she was at home, just like everybody in late 2019, she started her workshops and online sessions. She would teach different art forms such as pen art, watercolors, mandalas, zentangles, soft pastels, acrylics, and many others. “Nearly 1000 people attended those workshops and I have taught from a corporate employee to a 6-year-old Kid to a 65-year-old,” Farheen said.

ArtHead by Farheen

Just like every artist, this was the turning point for the ArtHead. Her art is unique in her own sense because she uses different elements every time she works on a project. She likes to practice surreal art and make her own designs. But while staying unique, there is also one thing constant in all her artworks, and that is a pen. As we say, ‘the pen is mightier than the sword; for Farheen, the pen is superior to a brush, as she likes to leave an element of ink in her paintings or sketches.

Apart from being an artist, she is also an avid traveler who likes discovering new places. While on the journey, she usually picks up a piece of paper and a paintbrush and fills the canvas with her quirky designs. “I have a habit of carrying my sketchbook everywhere I go and start painting in my free time, said Farheen.

ArtHead by Farheen

This habit even got her a project. On a usual day, she was sketching in a café when the owner noticed her work and approached her to design the walls of the café. After that, She did some projects on mural work for cafes and brands as well. As she also works in a company as a senior accounts manager, Farheen manages her artwork in the second half of the day or on weekends. "Luckily, all my clients have been supportive and allow me to work at my own pace,” she said while answering the question of how difficult it gets to manage work and art together.

As Farheen practices many art forms together and there is no particular structure for this industry, it gets difficult for her to price the skills at times. "However, only you can make a space for yourself by knowing how to sell your skills," said the artist on how to overcome this obstacle. The journey has been very colorful for Farheen, but there are some black-and-white days as well. "I try to stay calm and recollect my thoughts on such days and don't force myself to do so," she said. While talking about staying calm, she recalled an art therapy class she had conducted where there were 500 corporate employees, and this is what makes her happy and stay content while practicing her art.

Whether playing with acrylic colors on a canvas, writing calligraphy for a client, or painting the walls with pop designs, Farheen is truly an art head.

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