10 times Yashi Drew That made us laugh with her relatable illustrations!

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10 times Yashi Drew That made us laugh with her relatable illustrations!

Yashita Kajrekar started her Instagram page Yashi Drew That during the lockdown which is now being loved for its extremely fun and relatable illustrations.

34-year-old Yashita did her diploma in animation a few years ago but never pursued it seriously. She later started producing promos and animation content for media channels and made it a full-time career. But during the lockdown out of boredom, she began illustrating again, and that's how Yashi Drew That came into existence. Her page is now loved for its relatable content that revolves around Indian households, habits, nostalgia, festivals, seasons, and much more, and here are 10 of our favourite illustrations by her that we find extremely relatable.

1. When she illustrated our middle-class habits

2. When she took us back to school days

3. When she pointed out the best things about going to the office

4. When she made us hate summer and laugh at it at the same time

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6. When she made the coffee aficionado in us happy

7. When she reminded us about our school-time love

8. When she made us realize we are not the only bhulakkads

9. When she illustrated our parents

10. When she perfectly desrcibed our desi weddings

We know you are smiling! And so, do check her Instagram feed by clicking here and find more such relatable content.

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