Mother’s Day gifting options that are useful and thoughtful!

Celebrate and appreciate her a little extra with these useful Mother’s Day gifting options and make it even more special and warm.

We completely agree that we should celebrate our mothers every single day as their efforts are unmatched and they are irreplaceable. But then pampering her a little extra is also important and if we have a day dedicated to that, why not make it more special and memorable by gifting her something nice? And that’s why here is a list of Mother’s Day gifting options that are useful, thoughtful, and something that she will love!

1. Gramophone by Anemos

If your mother has a passion for music and enjoys the vintage aesthetic, we recommend the stunning Anemos gramophone. It features a Bluetooth wireless audio streaming receiver, a USB record, 3.5mm auxiliary input for MP3 players and external devices, a metal horn, and a remote control for CD/USB. With the ability to connect to your phone, radio, CD player, cassette player, and USB record, gifting this to her will add a touch of opulence and sophistication to her space. Anemos’ product line includes a wide range of record players, speakers, and other audio equipment, as well as furniture pieces and home accessories inspired by vintage design.

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2. Downing Street from NeuWorld Spirits

If your mother is a fan of alcohol, why not make her experience even more enjoyable by gifting her a bottle of Downing Street? This blended single malt from NueWorld Spirits is a great choice for those who appreciate the rich, full-bodied taste of malt, with hints of burnt wood and spices adding to its complexity and depth of flavor.

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3. A set of tumblers from Chumbak

We love Chumbak for its colourful and happy collection of home and lifestyle products but what we are in love with these days is its kitchenware! If your mom is a fan of boho design and loves collecting things for her kitchen, then gift her a set of stainless steel and copper tumblers that are handcrafted by local artisans. The copper tumbler will be even better as this metal is known to help boost immunity and maintain health.

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4. A bag from The Bag Tales

Gifting a nice bag is always a good idea, especially if it’s for someone who goes out frequently either for work or leisure. Help your mom make a statement with this pretty bag from The Bag Tales’s Work Wear edition, which is available in green and blue and features a wooden handle.

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5. Earring from FORet

There is no such thing as enough earrings, and so gifting it to your mom will be a great idea. The homegrown brand we adore for the same is FORet, as they have some unique and eye-catching earring in store for you. Our personal favourite is this Beeline Earring which features silver-toned charms and comes in a cotton drawstring bag to store. The best part? This homegrown brand claims to contribute to its goal of establishing a forest in Maharashtra and improving farmers’ livelihoods, and so order to help others as well.

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6. Trousers from The Pant Project

mother's day gifting

We say plan a matching outfit for a Mother’s Day date and get the same trousers for both of you! The Pant Project has some classy, formal pieces that will go really well on kurtas, shirts, and blazers. Made with cotton, these trousers are lightweight and water-repellent, too. And so, go get them!

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7. Personal care products from Qaadu

mother's day gifting

We all know how our mothers are! They take care of everybody else in the family but forget to take care of themselves and that’s why it’s our job to do the same. And so, treat her with some personal care products and help her pamper her skin and hair. Get your hands on body lotion, shower gel, facial cleanser, and rose and saffron face cream from Qaadu, a vegan brand that claims that all their products are formulated with ingredients sourced from forests and specially planted, dedicated herbal gardens. 

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8. Juicer blender grinder and smoothie maker from Zunpulse

mother's day gifting

If she loves experimenting in the kitchen and is fond of kitchen gadgets and tools, this one is surely going to bring an ear-to-ear smile to her face. Get this juicer blender grinder and smoothie maker from Zunpulse and let her make her favourite shakes, smoothies, and even chutneys, as it is multi-purpose.

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9. A customized box from Mojo Box

How about a box that contains everything she loves? Sounds like a perfect gift, right? Well, that’s what you can do with Mojo Box. This aggregator lets you make a customized box of your choice with different brands and their products. You can add up to 16 products, and we are sure that would be a lot of fun!

10. A delicious hamper from Jade Forest

Let’s all agree that gossiping with our moms is some next-level fun and we should definitely do it more often. For such bakbak times, you’ll need something to munch and drink, and for that, our pick is Jade Forest. This brand has this delectable hamper that features 4 iced tea, guilt-free snacks, a candle, a fairy light, and one bottle opener. A perfect box of happiness, we say.

11. Footwear from Zouk

They say, Give a girl or a woman the right shoe, and she can conquer the world, and we 100% agree with this! And so, take this write-up as a sign to gift new footwear to your mom and make her steps look more charming and confident. Check Zouk for the same, as it’s a brand we love for its collection, especially the Kolhapuris.

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