Linguistic Laughter: Indian Comedians and Comedy Creators Promoting Regional Dialects

Mishkaat Imrani
May 07, 2023 13:28 IST
Linguistic Laughter: Indian Comedians and Comedy Creators Promoting Regional Dialects

Not only are these Indian comedians and creators of comedy content bringing joy to their audiences, but they are also advocating for the use and appreciation of their respective regional languages.

India has over 300 languages and all of them are beautiful in their own ways. Similarly, there are 28 states and they all have a rich culture that should be shared! And that's why we decided to curate a list of some of the best comedians and content creators who are leaving people rolling on the floor laughing with their epic jokes that revolve around their culture and are conveyed in their mother tongue.

1. Mukesh ki Comedy

Making fun videos that are inspired by the day-to-day life of a Rajasthani family, Mukesh Sahdeva is a must-check comedian and anchor. You will see Mukesh cracking up hilarious jokes with his son, daughter-in-law, friends, and acquaintances and also getting into relatable and interesting situations that are surely funny enough to make you laugh.

2. The humorous Kashmiri

Taha Naqash, aka The Humorous Kashmiri, is a stand-up comedian and has been making vines since 2016. He speaks in the local Kashmiri language and makes fun reels on Kashmiris, and the stereotypes associated with them, along with reels in Urdu.

3. Zoha Sanofer

Making some bomb reels in her mother tongue Dakhini, Zoha Sanofer is one of our favourite creators and we can't help but laugh our hearts out after seeing her epic videos. Her content revolves around Indian Muslim families, especially desi Muslim moms, and is 100% a laughing treat!

4. Astuti Anand

We love Astuti Anand for her Bihari accent and relatable comedy videos. Be it mummy ke taane, weddings, brown aunties and their judgments, in-laws, nibbas, or anything on her feed, everything is worth-watching. Astuti is awesome at her job, and we can't stop adoring her.

5. Chirayu Mistry

Chirayu is a writer-comedian associated with The Comedy Factory since 2015. His stoic expressions and poker-faced style of humor, sometimes in Hindi and most of the time in Gujarati, are definitely going to make you giggle and laugh. Our favourites are GTA and Garam Train, and we suggest checking them first if you haven't heard him yet.

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6. Andi Chhore

This comedy club was founded by a group of friends and the content is in Haryanvi and is legit good. The videos are funny and mostly shot in a village setting where the group keeps experimenting with new characters and scenarios.

7. Mrunal Divekar

Mrunal is winning hearts with her changla Marathi accent and interesting content. She rants, acts, and even uses sarcasm in a subtle way to send social messages at times. Though all her videos are equally entertaining, the ones that she does with her mother are our personal favourites.

8. Harpal Saika

Harpal is a YouTuber, stand-up comedian, and anchor who makes content in Assamese and is a must-check. You'll see his mom, girlfriend, and friends on the feed with him, and they all are equally amazing.

9. Dogri Dubbed

Making fun reels and videos in Jammu's Dogri, Dogri Dubbed is handled by 3 friends. Their feed is a mix of sarcastic videos and vines, and it's way too good to miss. They also have a YouTube channel, and that's also worth checking out.

10. Sonu Venu Gopal

Sonu Venu Gopal is a stand-up comic, improv artist, writer, and fantastic actor. She makes content in Kannada, which is a good mix of vlogs, brown parents, and fun collaborations. She has done quite a few mini-reel series, and they are hilarious, on-point, and entertaining.

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