10 Talented Stand-Up Comedians from Gujarat you should Watch out for!

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10 Talented Stand-Up Comedians from Gujarat you should Watch out for!

A smile costs nothing and can make someone’s day – is rightly said. Whether someone gives it to you, or you share a smile with someone, is the best feeling in the world. Here is a list of the best stand-up comedians in Ahmedabad you should definitely watch.

Manan Desai – The comedian Programmer

Manan Desai is one of the most beloved standup comedians in Gujarat. As a founder of The Comedy Factory, he acts, produces and performs various gigs. Listen to him as he makes fun of daily instances happening in his life and you’ll find it relatable.

Ojas Rawal – The Unconvetionalist

Ojas Rawal is an NRI but is an amalgamation of all the Gujju-ness in the world. As a professional theatre artist, you should hear him out for the way he mixes the overseas and Indian culture together in his acts. He is known as the powerhouse of The Comedy Factory always high on Chaas.

Kamlesh Darji – KDlive

Also known as KD, he is an engineer by mistake and a comedian by heart. He comes from a corporate background and his acts revolve around the funny corporate environment. Along with stand-up comedy, he is one of the best with live mimicry and sketches, GAG, Improv, and Musical Comedy.

Smit Pandya – AKA Kishore Kaka

Smit Pandya is the man behind the voice from Kishore Kaka. Not only a fully loaded stand-up comedian, but a trained comedy actor, you will love to listen to his deliveries in local Gujarat mimicry and an amazing sense of comic timing. 

Chirayu Mistry – Master of Laughs

Chirayu is a writer-comedian associated with The Comedy Factory since 2015. You should watch his stoic expressions and pokerfaced style of humor, you wouldn’t stop laughing. He has written for Sprite and appeared on big screens as well.

Shefali Pandey

Shefali Pandey has many feathers in her cap and one being the stand-up comedian. She is the founder of Flora Fountain, a digital agency and Mahila Manch, a stand-up comedy group in Ahmedabad shares laugh and some real talk with the audience. We bet you’ll be pleased with charisma, confidence, and of course comedy.

Preeti Das

Preeti Das was one of the first female standup comedians from Gujarat. She is born to a Bengali father and a Tamilian mother and her scripts are loaded with cultural experienced jokes. An ex-journalist by profession, she delivers power-packed performances that are a blend of ethnicity, food, politics, sex and anything and everything that affects her life. Preeti Das is also the co-founder of the Mahila Manch.


Aariz Saiyed

Aariz Saiyed is a stand-up comedian by profession and a musician by heart. He is awfully blunt with his comedies and if you are sitting in the first row in his shows, you will not go un-noticed and un-questioned. He is associated with The Comedy Factory as the head of its YouTube channel.

Deep Vaidya

Deep is an expert in cracking juvenile jokes. He is an engineer turned comedian and an actor by profession associated with The Comedy Factory as their Production Head. He can also be seen on big screens like ‘Ventilator’ and ‘Chor Bani Thangaat Kare’.

Om Bhatt

Om is a newcomer in the industry. He was only 14 when he started with Theatre. He is famous for sharing his personal life experiences with a touch of comedy. You will always see him smiling and he is known as an ultimate humorous gentleman next door. 

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