The Project Cafe in Ahmedabad is so pretty you’ll never want to leave!

The Project Cafe is a true amalgamation of art, design, and food. The café associates with artists from all over the world and provides them a space to ideate, curate and collaborate with other budding and established artists.

What’s the word on the city street?

The Project cafe, often referred to as the ‘yellow house’ organizes several workshops, exhibitions, and events. It gives you the experience of a street side-cafe. 

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Taste the tasty European cuisine and seriously, it’s delicious. Try out Nutella dark almond shake, desserts, pizza, and salads – they are quite piquant. You can ask for your food to be customized as per your taste. However, the only thing that may disappoint you a teensy bit is the quantity of food provided. 

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the project cafeSource

Inside Scoop

The cafe is created using an old house and has been beautifully decorated with vibrant and dynamic decor.

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Several artists from across the globe have contributed in the interiors including the display, the fabric of furniture and the design of table-tops. Good news is, the accessories kept for display like the clothes, diaries, coffee mugs, boxes, etc. can be bought. 

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Local Samosa bites

We went to the cafe in the evening and surprisingly secured a peaceful spot even at the populated hour. We tried a couple of items on the menu. Nutella hot chocolate and the sun-dried tomato olives and capers pizza are the best. 

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Don’t be surprised if you see the decors all changed; the artists are known to improvise!

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I’m Game, let’s Plan

When? Monday to Sunday

Where? Yellow House No. 7, Polytechnic Road, Ambawadi, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad

Time? 10:00am to 11:00pm







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