Loya, IHCL’S new Indian concept restaurant launches first of its kind music album!

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Loya, IHCL’S new Indian concept restaurant launches first of its kind music album!

Loya's album draws inspiration from the rich folk music of northern India to complement its Gastronomic Journey.

India’s hospitality company, IHCL, has announced the release of its first-ever music album for Loya, the Indian-concept restaurant at The Taj Palace, New Delhi. As the first restaurant in India to launch an album, Loya has set a new benchmark for the industry. The album is an artistic creation of Shreyas Patkar, a highly skilled musician, and is a combination of classical, indie, and instrumental sets, including an exclusive anthem.  The event was also graced by Papon, a popular Bollywood playback singer who supported the launch and was visibly excited about the confluence of food and music that Loya is promising to offer. 

Loya’s music album will take you on a musical journey that seamlessly merges classic and contemporary sounds. With a skilled ensemble of musicians, including Tapas Roy, Sandeep Mishra, and Preetam, the album showcases a harmonious fusion of instruments such as the Bouzouki, Rabab, Oud, Mandolin, Sarangi, and Guitar. The creative minds behind this arrangement and mix-mastering of this classic auditory are none other than Jimmy & Ashish Anand, who brought their expertise to the recording process at Blue Cassette in Mumbai.

Mr. Taljinder Singh, Senior Vice President and Brand Custodian at Indian Hotels, IHCL, commented on the launch of the album and said, “We are thrilled to be the first restaurant in India to invite our guests on a musical journey that celebrates the cultural diversity and heritage of North India. The album was born out of a desire to offer customers a complete sensory experience. This album is a testament to our passion and creativity that goes into every dish we serve”.

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Shreyas Patkar, the composer of the album, on this occasion, “It gives me immense joy to be a part of this experience in bringing together an enchanting ambience for Loya. Creating this album was exhilarating as that allowed me to delve into the rich musical traditions of the North and to collaborate with some of the most talented musicians in the industry." 

Loya's introduction of its own music album is a significant milestone in the culinary industry. The album captures the spirit of Loya with sincere emotion and describes the journey while conjuring up recollections of the aroma of food. Music and culinary lovers both shouldn't miss what is a truly special event. This album is not just a musical experience but also an ode to the rich culture and heritage of India.

The teaser of the album was launched on 30th March 2023 in the capital, receiving an overwhelming response from music lovers and food enthusiasts alike. 

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