Try these healthy dessert recipes and satiate your sweet tooth!

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Try these healthy dessert recipes and satiate your sweet tooth!

Say hello to a happy and guilt-free dessert time and devour these healthy dessert recipes this weekend.


On a diet or avoiding sugar and everything unhealthy? But craving something sweet and delectable? Well, in that scenario going to a bakery and ordering something healthy is a good option, but the satisfaction you get after you make something nice at home is next level. We have curated these 7 healthy dessert recipes for you that are easy to make, won't take much time, and will also satisfy your sweet tooth.


1. No maida chocolate cake



Who doesn't love a soft and creamy, chocolaty chocolate cake? If you are also craving chocolates like us here's a quick fix that's not just healthy but is also very quick to make. Check the recipe to bake yours.


2. Wheat Gulab Jamun



If you own an air fryer, then this healthy version of gulab jamun is for you! Made with no maida, and pre-mix, these Gulab jamuns are quick to make. Feel free to use jaggery instead of sugar for more dietary-restricted Gulab-jamun, and maybe instead of drowning them in the chaashni, just drizzle a little on top, and there you have a much healthier version of gulab jamuns. In case you do not have an air fryer, check the below recipes :)


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3. Healthy ice creams



Chef Gunjan is here to take care of your ice cream cravings with these recipes of Chocolate almond ice cream, Strawberry ice cream, and Mango ice cream. Made with just 3 ingredients, these ice creams are much healthier compared to what you get in the market as they do not contain processed sugar and artificial sweeteners.


4. Low-calorie brownies



There's something so special about a plate of warm brownies and if you also love them, here's a recipe that will help you bake a brownie that just has only 19 calories! Sounds happy, right? Well, bake these and enjoy them without guilt.


5. Millet Kheer



Made with no sugar and jaggery, this kheer is perfect for those who prefer desi sweets at the end of the day and would kill for a chilled bowl of kheer :D The kheer is sweetened with dates and looks delicious. Try and let us know if you liked it!


6. Weight loss laddoos



A good alternative to your ghee-packed laddoos, this one helps with weight loss, the chef says and is made with a combination of dry fruits and seeds. Make these balls of energy and cut down on sugar in a delicious way.


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