Every anime lover’s dream is this shop in Bandra, Mumbai!


Get excited because this shop located in Bandra has a key to all your anime dreams.

All you Otakus and Weebs, welcome to a heavenly paradise, Nerd Arena, a shop that offers fun and creative merchandise. If you enjoy watching anime imagine how fun it would be to collect these products inspired by them, and that’s where Nerd Arena will have your back. Finding anime collectibles of good quality with them being well designed can be a little difficult, and that’s when this shop located in Bandra awaits you. This small store in Hill road, near Elco, offers fab products that let you live your anime fantasy.

When it comes to collections of anime products, this store doesn’t fail to show us what’s available in the market. There is so much to choose from as they have a wide range of anime collections, whether Naruto or Dragon Ball Z; you will find them here. They offer not only collectibles but also action figurines that are well-detailed. There is a price range that varies for each of the products starting at Rs.1,000 and can extend on to Rs. 15,000. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Nerd Arena offers something special for every anime fan.

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There is a collection of t-shirts that have characters like Naruto and the Demon Slayer printed on them, which are of high quality and in various sizes. The price for t-shirts starts at Rs. 599 and can go up to Rs. 999. Besides that, they also offer keychains and bobbleheads. The cost of the keychains starts from Rs. 399, and for bobbleheads, the starting price is Rs.1000.

Every collectible is unique, designed with fine details, and extremely adorable. They also have a range of products for Marvel and DC fans and also popular cartoon characters such as Tom & Jerry. Overall, this store is perfect for you if you are a die-hard anime fan.

Location: Hill road, Elco market, Bandra west Mumbai.
Timings: 12 pm – 9 pm

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