6 things to eat at Malad Khaugalli!

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Malad Khaugalli

Heaven for vegetarian snacks and food, Malad Khaugalli is a must-visit if you love street food.

Mumbai is home to some really iconic and foodie khaugallis that are laden with shops and stalls offering good food and are a must-visit if you are a food enthusiast. Among these khaugallis, the one in Malad is our go-to spot for some devour-worthy veg snacks and it can fill your tummies with everything yumm at a price as low as 50 bucks. There's a lot to eat and repeat, but these 6 things are definitely something you shouldn't skip when in Malad Khaugalli and so keep scrolling.

1. Momos

If you swear by momos, this small stall is going to make you very happy. It's the first stall on the left and offers not just amazing momos but pasta and Chinese as well. Their paneer pahadi and soya momos are a must-try here.

Price: Rs.55

2. Masala Papad

There are only a few places in the city where you'll find Khichiya papads and Malad khaugalli is one of them. Unlike the regular papad, the Khichiya papad is thick and not very delicate. It is loaded with chopped tomatoes, onions, coriander, cucumber, green chutney, and sev. There's a stall on the right where a young guy sells these massive masala papads and they are not just a treat to have but are also pretty filling.

Price: Rs.50

3. Crispy potato twisters

You will find some really crunchy potato twisters at this cart named Fristers which sells potato twisters in flavours like tandoori, peri peri, and BBQ. The owner is a full-time pharmacist and runs this cart as a side business out of his passion for cooking. The size of the twister is great, and we personally loved the peri-peri flavour.

Price: Rs.50

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4. Pizza

There is something about street-style pizzas that we just can't resist, and there are multiple stalls in this khaugalli where you will find these loaded veg pizzas in variety. What we tried was the cheesy veg pizza and it was heavy, packed with vegetables, and topped with a heap of cheese. It's a must-try and you can check the 3rd cart for the same.

Price: Rs.90

5. Fuljar Soda

Soda and mocktails from this small yet very green and fizzy shop at the end of the khaugalli named Hello Hydration is definitely a must-visit. Started by the sibling duo Parth and Kunal Pandav, this cute little one offers different types of mocktails and some epic soda shots. Their Fuljar soda is refreshing and takes its inspiration from the popular soda of Surat.

Price: Rs.25

6. Stick waffles

Now if you are craving something sweet, you should give the stick waffles at the Waffles on Wheel a bite. This cart has the sweetest owner, and the starting price is only 50. There are multiple options, like mini popsicles, premium waffles, and stick waffles. Do try them and they might give you a sugar and chocolate rush.

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