6 fashion labels promoting recycling to know this Global Recycling Day

These fashion labels are promoting recycling by converting old and discarded materials into new clothes and bags!

The fashion industry in India is no longer just focusing on styles, but the founders of fashion labels and designers have been focusing a lot more on sustainable ways to contribute towards the environment by also adopting practices like recycling. So today, on Global Recycling Day, we are talking about a few of the fashion labels promoting recycling. Check them out!

1. Doodlage


This fashion brand by Kriti Tula, Paras Arora, and Vaibhav Kapoor has been making fabrics out of damaged spools of thread that cannot further be used in machines to make clothes. They also repurpose fabric strips to make products like mufflers, sweaters, and many other garments.

2. Pero


Owned by Aneeth Arora, this label has been supporting the concept of recycling for a very long time. The brand takes reusable fabrics and converts them into clothes. The cycle continues with even those clothes being reused for making new clothes. They also repurpose vintage fabrics and designs to keep their ‘upcycling game’ always up.

3. Ka-Sha


Can you imagine a brand converting discarded plastic bags into jackets? Well, that’s what Ka-Sha has been doing for years. Designed by Karishma Sahani, the brand creates stilettos from second-hand sneakers. Not only this, but the brand also converts discarded chandeliers into beautiful jewellery! Isn’t it amazing?

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4. LataSita


While the concept of ‘recycling’ has gained good recognition now, LataSita has been working on this model since 2012. Owned by Meghna Naik, LataSita upcycles saris and waste fabric into various garments. The brand accumulates raw materials from old and discarded wardrobes!

5. Pitara


The objective of siblings Rini and Rohan Mehta is to ensure that their brand aligns with the idea of recycling. The duo collects saris and other discarded textiles and materials from their family, friends, and community to create colourful bags in varieties like totes, crossbody bags, and even those forgotten ‘batuas’. One can also explore their upcycled passport covers and travel pouches.

6. Bodements


Started by Divya Saini and Martin Letellier-Merida, Bodements works to transform the heirloom pieces owned by the older generation of families to make dresses, suits, skirts, jackets, and more.

This Global Recycling Day, let’s take inspiration from all these brands and promote slow and sustainable fashion. 

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