Mumbaikars, order from the new cloud kitchen Coastal Fry if you are on a seafood diet!

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Coastal Fry Delivering across south Mumbai, Coastal Fry could be your next online order for great coastal specialties if you are cozy or busy enough to not go out and eat.

This newly opened cloud kitchen is winning tastebuds with its flavorsome coastal dishes and is worth trying if you love non-veg, especially seafood.

Delivering across south Mumbai, Coastal Fry could be your next online order for some great coastal specialties if you are cozy or busy enough not to go out and eat. This cloud kitchen is new in town and is all set to satiate your seafood cravings with its food while offering some lip-smacking non-veg and veg dishes. It was a busy Friday afternoon at the office when our meal from Coastal Fry arrived and successfully turned our sad and boring Friday into a happy last day of the week. Keep scrolling to know what we love.

Seafood at its best!

Coastal Fry doesn't disappoint with its seafood and has some really good options to relish. Our favorite was the Butter Garlic Prawns. It was creamy, buttery, and garlicky, and we really loved how every flavor was intact and balanced. The prawns were decent in size and had a juicy and soft texture. Another starter was the Stuffed Pomfret which was something we would order again. The fish was stuffed with recheado masala, which is a fiery and tangy goan condiment.


Butter Garlic prawns

The meat was soft, and the masala had sauteed veggies which complemented the overall taste. Next was the box of Assorted Prawns featuring 9 Golden fry, rava fry, and recheado marinated prawns. These were crunchy, moist, and packed with flavors. Order this if you want a balance of spicy and savory in one go.

Curry and rice!

For the main course, we started with Goan mutton curry and tried it with Naan. A rich coconutty and creamy flavor was the highlight. The mutton was tender and had the flavors intact. We were delighted with the number of mutton pieces and loved this dish. A quick shoutout to the Naans also as they weren't rubbery and remained pretty soft even after half an hour.

Since the seafood was great, we looked forward to trying the Seafood Pulav, which was equally wholesome. This fragrant pulav with fish and mutton chunks was a treat to dig into. Even though presentation-wise, it looked a little dull and boring, the first bite changed our perception of it.

To sum up, Coastal Fry is a must-check for its seafood appetizer and rich gravies. Vegetarians can try Dal Tadka, Paneer Makhani, vegetable papad roll, Malabar spinach, and Goan Curry. Others can go ahead with the dishes we have recommended or try something else from the menu. They are available on almost all food aggregators. 

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