Local Round-up: Here’s some local news from Indian states for you!

We have got some important local news from Indian states that took place last week that we’ve covered in our local round-up. Read all of them here!

1. Teacher from Bareilly wins Asian beauty pageant


Anjula Narang, a private school teacher from Bareilly, has won the Mrs’ category of the Asia World Wide International Pageant 2023. Organized by the Kiran Foundation of Assam, the pageant was held in Bali, Indonesia. The teacher defeated several participants from different countries in Asia.

2. Kashmiri man sets up a resort at Dal Lake to feed birds


In a heartwarming gesture, a Kashmiri resident, Yasin, who lives in a houseboat at Dal lake, has set up a bird forest resort at the lake for the migratory birds to come and spend time. The major motive is to feed those migratory birds who face a lot of problems in the winter season.

3. Jaipur artist creates a wooden spoon, smaller than a grain of rice


Navratan Prajapati, a Jaipur resident, had made the whole country proud by creating a wooden spoon, 2mm in height and 0.7 inches long, which is even smaller than a grain of rice. He has also won the Guinness World Record for creating it, a video of which was also shared by the GWR on Twitter.

4. Woman officer to lead the Navy team on the Republic Day


Although the inclusion of women officers on Republic Day is not a new development. In a series of the same, a women officer named Lt. Disha Amrith, a naval air operations officer posted in the tri-service Andaman Nicobar Command, will lead the 144-member contingent of young sailors on the Republic Day parade.

5. Sleeper trains of Vande Bharat to have a speed of 220 km/hour


The sleeper versions of the Vande Bharat trains are going to be designed to travel at the speed of 220 km/hour. On the other hand, however, the aluminum version of the Vande Bharat Express will run at the speed of 200 km/hour. Moreover, the sleeper version will be an alternative to the Rajdhani Express.

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