Brands owned and invested in by Hritik Roshan!

hritik roshan

Hritik Roshan has always been a promoter of a healthy and clean lifestyle and believes in investing in the same. He owns HRX an athleisure brand and invests in a few other companies and here’s a list of the same.

The Greek God of Bollywood is known for his moves and looks and is also a fitness freak and believes in promoting a healthy and lean body. Apart from fitness, acting, and dancing, Hrithik Roshan is also into entrepreneurship and owns a few brands, and has even invested in some. Check them out!

HRX – By Hritik Roshan

hritik roshan

Hritik Roshan launched HRX in the year 2013. ‘H & R’ which are the initials of the actor and ‘X’ in the name stands for extreme which promotes customers to push beyond their limits. The brand was started to promote fitness and fashion, both of which are synonyms for the actor. The brand which started as an athleisure clothing company has now ventured into other products.

Eventually, over the years, the brand has evolved and added various products like accessories, equipment, eyewear, nutrition supplements, footwear, and wearables and has partnered with a few brands.

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HRX x Mi


Expanding its business in the digital wearables sector, HRX partnered with MI to launch Mi Band – HRX Edition in 2017. At this time the craze for fitness watches in India was rising and Roshan Jr. saw an opportunity. The Mi Band – HRX Edition was launched at a price of Rs. 1299 and Hritik gave his input in designing the features of the watch to make it more relevant.

Hritik invests in Cure.Fit

hritik roshan

In the same year, Hritik signed a Rs.100 crore deal with health and wellness startup Cure.Fit. The deal also included his stake in the company in lieu of cash investment—cult fitness centres, run by Cure.Fit across India would offer Roshan’s specialised HRX Workout plan and HRX Athlete Meal.

Hritik is truly a symbol of fitness and lifestyle and keeps on inspiring many.

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