Malaika Arora turns an investor with Global Artisanal Accessories Brand Ahikoza!

Malaika Arora, one of India’s most popular and respected female entrepreneurs, has invested and joined hands with Namrata Karad, to bring to India the globally popular artisanal accessories brand, Ahikoza.

The India launch of Ahikoza comes after the brand has already made its presence felt among celebrities and the elite. The exclusive brand has been a go-to choice for many big names. One of the prime reasons why big names love the brand is its attention to detail. Each product is finessed to the user’s personal choice. Now, Malaika Arora has invested and has joined hands with the young & powerful head honcho – Namrata Karad, to bring the globally popular artisanal accessories brand, Ahikoza to India.

Malaika Arora Ahikoza


For the uninitiated, Ahikoza was founded by Namrata Karad, and the brand prides itself in its unique geometrical design, handcrafted finesse, and quality. Their aesthetic geometry, inspired by architectural installations and sculptures, has inspired not just Malaika but many other celebrities. Not many would know that a collaborative initiative between Namrata Karad and veteran model, Barbara Fialho, back in 2017, made Namrata Karad the first Indian designer to co-design a handbag with Victoria’s Secret model.

“Over the years, Namrata’s experience of being an entrepreneur and industry professional has provided her with a robust skill set in marketing, content strategy, consumer growth, and strategic business development. She has been privy to numerous distribution partnerships and celebrity endorsements, which has made her leader par excellence in her segment of exclusive and elusive artisanal accessories. So for me to accept her partnership in Ahikoza was a no-brainer because I am sure together we can make magic,”- says Malaika Arora.

Malaika Arora Ahikoza

Commenting on these partnerships, Namrata says, “Malaika continues to represent a diverse set of businesses across categories such as Fashion, Food & Beverage, Ayurveda, Skincare, Fitness, FMCG, and many more. Malaika epitomizes grace and class. By following her passion and staying true to her ethos, Malaika has also become an example of breaking stereotypes in the film industry. For us having Malaika in our dream team was a big win”.

Namrata and Malaika are aiming to recreate the global magic of Ahikoza in India. The brand has already amassed a hugely exclusive club for itself in the international markets panning across USA and Europe. The Indian fashion-savvy women will soon be able to access Ahikoza and lay their hands on these arm candies, which thus far have been seen only on the red carpet.

Malaika Arora Ahikoza

With a fashion icon like Malaika investing in such a popular global brand, Namrata Karad’s Ahikoza is sure to have a great future in India. The exclusive brand will be available online.

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