9 homegrown wellness brands to watch out for!

wellness brands : We have curated a list of homegrown brands that are offering a range of wellness products we didnt know we needed, so scroll down to know more about them.

If you’re looking to prioritise your health this year, you can add these wellness brands to your cart!

Health is wealth, so why not add a few wellness products to our everyday life in 2023? We have curated a list of homegrown brands that are offering a range of wellness products we didn’t know we needed, so scroll down to know more about them!

What’s Up Wellness


This brand offers beauty and sleep gummies that they claim will help improve the health of your hair, nails, and skin. Their sleep gummies have Melatonin, Vitamin D2, L-Theanine, and many such ingredients that are known to help with peaceful sleep, while the beauty gummies are packed with 6 clinically proven superfoods along with multivitamins.



Add the goodness of ayurveda to your diet and buy ghee, honey, vegan protein, tea, juices, and more from Kapiva. This homegrown brand claims to be India’s first modern ayurvedic nutrition brand delivering food-based innovations and offering products that are infused with ayurvedic herbs.

Man Matters


Dedicated solely to the wellness of men, Man Matters is all about hair gummies, capsules, beard care, and skincare products. They will also help you with self-assessments, free consultations, a beard growth plan, and more. Check their website to know more.

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Be Bodywise


This brand is dedicated to women’s wellness solutions and provides wellness assessments as well as consultations. They also have a range of products for haircare, skincare, nutrition, PCOS, and body care.



If you are a chai and coffee freak, get what Cosmix offers. Their nourishing chai and coffee are gut-friendly. Other than these two, they also offer plant protein, probiotics, PCOS solutions, immunity drinks, and more. Check them out as they have many success stories when it comes to PCOS.

The Wellness Collective


The Wellness Collective is an e-commerce focussed wellness space that offers a range of nutritional and healing products such as collagen, hemp oil, superfood tonic herbs, gummies, and functional mushrooms. Check them out as they claim their products will help fill the nutritional gaps in your diet.

Shunya India


With an aim to uplift farmers and artisans of Uttarakhand, Shunya India offers plant-based products like herbal infusions, hemp oil, detox infusions, pahadi haldi latte, and more. The brand also claims to conduct various activities and initiatives to revive dying art and crafts in the state with the profit they make.



This homegrown brand is all about keeping your body healthy with a sip! Auric offers ayurvedic drinks for the mind, body, skin, hair, and weight with no added sugar or preservatives. The brand says that all the drinks are made with ayurvedic herbs, coconut water, and fruit extracts and so do have a look.



Bionova claims to be the country’s largest online health and fitness store where you will find health supplements, herbs and powders, beauty, and personal care, sports products, and essential oils. Their website also features a section where you can shop for products as per your need and requirement and we think that’s great.

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