Let’s pay a tribute to Indian soldiers and visit these war memorials in India

Celebrate this Vijay Diwas by paying tribute to the martyred Indian soldiers by visiting these war memorials in India.

Vijay Diwas ­- the name itself is enough to give us goosebumps! And there is a straightforward reason behind this. The tales of wars, and martyrs, even though, fill our hearts with resentment, also leave us feeling proud. Some of these tales are engraved in war memorials in India that not many people know about. Hence we are talking about a few of them that you can visit!

Chandigarh War Memorial


Said to be the largest war memorial in India, Chandigarh War Memorial is located in a beautiful and natural landscape of a bougainvillea garden and was first inaugurated by the former president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in 2006. The memorial has around 8459 names of the soldiers since 1947. So, the next time you are in Punjab, make sure to visit the memorial.

Kargil War Memorial


Built around 2000, Kargil War Memorial reminds us of the brave war fought by the Indian Army against the Pakistani infiltrators and it depicts the victory over them. Also called the ‘Drass War Memorial’, it has been a very popular place for various events on special occasions like Republic Day, Kargil Vijay Diwas, and others.

Darjeeling War Memorial


Located in the center of the Batasia Loop Garden in Darjeeling, the war memorial is dedicated to honoring the Gorkha soldiers of Darjeeling who are known to sacrifice their lives in the wars after India’s independence. So, now is the time to pay tribute to them!

Tawang War Memorial


Tawang Memorial speaks of the bravery of the Indian soldiers who dedicated their lives to the 1962 Indo-China war. Built in the memory of Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat, a Mahavir Chakra awardee, he showed his bravery in the war by fighting for 72 hours single-handedly in the Indo-China war. Visit this beautiful district in Arunachal Pradesh not just for its beauty but also for the memorial!

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Victory at Sea War Memorial


Victory at Sea War Memorial narrates the story of the brave war fought by the Indian soldiers in the 1971 Indo-Pak war. Constructed in the year 1996, this memorial can be added to your itinerary for the Vizag tour. Along with this, the memorial houses various missiles, and models of fighter planes and tankers. So, this can be an adventurous visit!

National War Memorial Southern Command, Pune


This war memorial is supposedly the only one that has been erected by the contributions of the citizens. The museum was built to showcase the valor of the Southern wing command and you can see here a large gallery full of war pictures. The place also has a movie theatre that showcases short films about the Indian Army.

Balidan Stambh War Memorial


Popular as the first-ever war memorial of India, Balidan Stambh, near Bahu Fort was erected by the Indian Army. No doubt, Jammu and Kashmir have witnessed various battles and this memorial speaks volumes about the fights. It also has a memorial pillar that has been constructed in memory of martyrs!

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