A thankful note to these Ngos in Delhi distributing blankets to the poor in winter!

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A thankful note to these Ngos in Delhi distributing blankets to the poor in winter!

It’s time we support these NGOs in Delhi distributing blankets to the poor by donating old clothes and blankets so that they, in turn, can help the needy.

While we sit in the comfort of our homes in the winter, there are many underprivileged children and people who suffer coldness in the streets of the national capital or in the northern region of India. It is hard for them to arrange a plain sheet, let alone blankets. However, there are some organisations that make sure that the needy get the required help. Here, we are putting light on some of the NGOs in Delhi distributing blankets to the poor in winter. Check them out and donate your winterwear to them.

1. Clothes Box Foundation

Starting with a motive to provide clean clothing to underprivileged persons, the Clothes Box Foundation ensures the distribution of winter clothes every season. From their past records, they have distributed blankets every winter since their opening. You can donate warm clothes to them so that they can distribute them among the needy.

2. Uday Foundation

Every winter, Uday Foundation runs a ‘Blanket Donation campaign’ aiming to distribute blankets to the lesser-privileged people of society. Along with the blankets, they also distribute dry ration and dignity kits to the ones living on the streets of Delhi.

3. Agewell Foundation

The Ngo working for the elder persons also takes care of the elderly in the biting cold in Delhi. In a campaign named, ‘Share the Warmth’, the volunteers of the organisation distribute winter clothes, relief materials and blankets to them. So, connect with them for a good cause.

4. Help Age India

Another NGO that has been on the front in distributing blankets and winter wear, Help Age India makes sure that no one sleeps in the harsh winter of Delhi without a protective layer on them. This is your chance to contribute to the needy, so, donate the blankets to them.

5. Sarvahitey

You can find the volunteers of Sarvahitey distributing winter clothes and blankets in Delhi during winter. The organisation has been working for relief since 2015, from the time of its inception. Check out their work and you will love contributing too!

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