Volunteer at these NGOs in Mumbai and support those in need!

2021 is about to end in less than a month, and if you like happy endings, why not make it happy for others too? Volunteer at these NGOs in Mumbai and be a part of a kinder and happier world.

Change is change, even if it’s just one person doing it, and can lead to something massive. Likewise, no act of kindness is small or negligible. You do it, and it stays forever. So, make this December a happy month for the people in need and volunteer at these NGOs in Mumbai! Because we rise by lifting others.

1. CAP Foundation


CAP ( Citizen for Animal Protection) Foundation believes everyone has a right to live in harmony and work to protect animals. They recently completed 2 years and have attended 661 rescue cases, 13 successful adoptions, handled 25 legal cases, and served 56 animals at the shelter in the last year. With over fifty volunteers working for various departments of the Foundation, you can also join them in their cause by simply texting them on WhatsApp.

Contact: +91 97574 39100

2. Shelter Don Bosco

Volunteer in Mumbai

Founded in 1987, Don Bosco is a shelter for homeless children which provides care, nurturing, and support to kids of all age groups. You can volunteer and help with their education by helping a child learn and be a part of vocational or skill training workshops. They also welcome people for conducting activities like Art & Craft, Music, and dance. Also, if you have an idea or a skill set you feel would benefit a less-privileged child, they have a volunteer opportunity for you.

Contact: 077180 31481

3. Trishul

Volunteer in Mumbai

Trishul is an NGO that works in the field of women’s empowerment through skill development, education, and livelihood programs in urban slums and economically weak rural villages in India. They also work in the field of children’s welfare. You can volunteer for one day and look out for cleaning drives, tree plantation, one-day awareness campaigns. But, if you are up for giving more time, then you can even commit consistent volunteer support for 2-6 months too.

Contact: 098199 83722

4. Akanksha Foundation

Volunteer in Mumbai

Akanksha Foundation is another non-profit organization that provides children from low-income communities with education. Their team has implemented their model across 27 Akanksha Schools in Pune, Mumbai, and Nagpur, which has impacted over 10,000 students as of now. You can volunteer for them and Co-teach/Co-plan subjects, create learning aids/worksheets for students, and much more.

Contact: +91 22 23700253/ +91 22 23729880/ +91 22 23700846

5. Vishalakshi Foundation

Volunteer in Mumbai

Founded in 2019, this NGO works for the upliftment of children and functions in 9 cities, including Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Lucknow. They have distributed 400000+ free meals, free ration kits to 45000+ families, dental check-ups, counselling sessions, blood donations, slum adoption, and free education to children. You can volunteer for them by DMing them to help them build a better future for these kids.

Contact: 085888 05577

6. Anjeze Charitable Trust

Volunteer in Mumbai

Anjeze is running for 13 major causes and derives all their learning from anjezë (Mother Teresa). They have helped over 800 people at remand homes, have distributed 36,000 Kg of ration, donated 1500 units of blood and platelets, and much more. Right from child adoption, infrastructure causes, ration kits donation, and more, this NGO is working towards healing and if you want to help them, join them as volunteers.
P.S: They have volunteers as young as 12 years.

Contact: 098201 39049

7. Masoom

Volunteer in Mumbai

Masoom is an NGO that is specifically providing education and holistic development to the students in night schools and is currently running its intervention program in fifteen-night schools in Mumbai. You can help Masoom & school staff for enrolling drop out students, participate in extra classes, which are conducted on sundays and public holidays.

Contact: 091675 77131

8. Kokan Ngo

Volunteer in Mumbai

Kokan NGO was founded in 2010, and they work in the southern part and western part of India across 9 states, including Mumbai. Their focus areas are skill development, village development, health and education, orphanage support program, and other community development initiatives. You can help them by being a part of their medical & adventure camps, running for a marathon and raising pledges, sponsoring a child, being a part of their awareness campaign, and more.

Contact:  7709585110

End this year with an act of kindness and be a volunteer at these NGOs in Mumbai.

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