Don’t like winter? Here are a few places to visit to escape winter in India!

Not all of us like the cold weather and freezing air, right? So, if you are on the team of “no sweater-weather, please”, these are the places to visit to escape winter and the harsh biting cold! Check out below!

Many of us love to enjoy the frozen and biting cold during the winter months. However, many people either do not like the season or fall sick and hence, like to escape the winter. If you are one of those, this read is no less than a treat for you as we are talking about the places to visit to escape winter in India. Have a look and plan your visit!

1. Goa


You might have visited Goa before, but visiting here to escape winter is also not a bad idea. With the season time in the state, a lot of festivals and cultural exchanges are organized in various parts of Goa. You might love to sit on the beach with the sun, not so harsh, and enjoy the time with your loved ones! If you want to move on from the crowd for some “me time”, plan your stay at Cancona village and Margao in South and Saligao and Ozorim in North Goa.

2. Maharashtra


Do not only escape winter but also the city life this season and visit some of the best beauties of Maharashtra. Pick a trip to Ratnagiri to feel the serene vibes at the quaint and clean beaches. Another option is to visit Mahabaleshwar and roam around the fields full of sunflowers on a sunny day with a tint of cold breeze. You can also visit Nashik to explore wine-making in India, Tarkali, and Igatpuri to stay amidst the beautiful hill ranges.

3. Karnataka


Take out some time this winter to explore the charm of Karnataka without feeling cold and visit Mangalore for a peaceful time living in the villages. You would love to see and put your legs in the clean water of the lakes here. Moreover, you can also visit Belgaum to experience the cultural life of people, Hampi and Mysore to explore the historical pride of India, Gokarna for a beach-time and Chikkamagaluru for living a life in the lap of hills without feeling cold!

4. Tamil Nadu


Again moving toward the South takes one to Tamil Nadu and a completely different culture and people. This winter, Tamil Nadu can be a good escape for you as you can visit places like Madurai, Kodaikanal, Rameshwaram, Tiruchirappalli and Ooty. However, if you are an adventure freak, you can go for a trekking experience into Nilgiri mountain and other mountain ranges here in the state!

5. Kerala


If you have not visited Kerala, there can’t be a better time to explore this God’s own country. Kerala has end number of beautiful and peaceful places where you can travel in winter, like Munnar, and you can also visit the tea and coffee gardens, Wayanad to experience the local life, Kollam for the hidden gems of Kerala and Poovar Island for the complete holiday feeling.

6. Lakshadweep


Do not miss a chance to visit the popular Lakshwadeep islands this winter. With bright sunny days and the time near one of the cleanest beaches in India and the world, you can feel your mind healing and your body taking a relaxing dip! Make sure to visit Kadmat island for local food and Kavaratti island for some pretty views! You can also indulge in various water sports here and make this entire vacation an adventurous one!

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